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Feb 16, 2007 07:45 PM

Winery Tours (SB and surroundings)

My boyfriend and I are going to Santa Barbara for the weekend and of course would love to spend a day doing some wine tasting. I really don't know much about wine or wine tasting, but we were hoping we could tour some actual wineries/vineyards rather than just tasting rooms. Is this possible? We would love to get off the beaten path and enjoy some time in the beautiful great outdoors! We are definitely willing to drive outside of Santa Barbara, as I know many spots are at least 45 min from SB. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Drive up to the santa Ynez Valley. Stop by the visitor's buereau in Solvang and get a winery tour map. Skip the solvang tasting rooms in favor of the winery drive through los olivos, santa ynez, ballard and so on-it is prettier. or, if you want to avoid driving whilst tipsy, you cans tay in town...but the wineries ARE nicer for romance, etc.

    You're better off planning the whole day up in that area rather than as a side trip..if you could get a room in buellton , solvang or anywhere around there, it's a good idea.

    I like Rusak, Kalyra, Buttonwood (ownes Kalyra but has a seperate winery/tasting room). Alma Rosa and Beckmanm among others.

    In Solvang there is a bar/tating room that does flights of all the local wineries in the valey, as well as microbrewed beers and Sake.

    1. Thanks for all of the great suggestions!!

      1. A few spots worth a visit.

        In Los Olivos, there are a ton of great spots.

        My spelling sucks so don't hold me to that!

        Tensley and Carina share a tasting room. Awesome wines all the way around.

        Consilience is nearby, they are pretty good.

        Beckmen is worth a visit but their high end wines are not usually poured at the tasting room.

        Down in Santa Rita you could stop by Babcock and Melville, not sure who else has a tasting room in the area.

        A couple of people worth a visit that you might have to call ahead and ask. It will depend on their schedule, Huber, Clos Pepe, Ampelos and Presidio all come to mind in Santa Rita.

        Some of the tasting rooms in Solvang have gotten quite good.

        Presidio does have a tasting room here, as does Stolpman. There are also a couple of people who pour other peoples wines for a modest fee, that have good selections.

        1. has some helpful information on tasting rooms.