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Feb 16, 2007 06:43 PM

Can't-miss wineries around Sonoma?

I'll be visiting Healdsburg soon and want to taste some stellar wines. I'll definitely hit Rochioli and maybe Bella (yummy zins) or J (good food pairings). Anywhere else? It's been a while since I did the Russian River wine road... Cheers!

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  1. You could always go to Martinelli, but the high end stuff isn't available for sale or tasting. But they should have the G&L Zin, the Pinot Reserve and some others.

    One I'd make an appointment at is Ramey, especially if you like wonderful Chardonneys. But they are appointment only. give them a call they have a website.

    1. Susie Selby -- just off the square near Barn Dive, she has not had her wines showcased in the White House on a a number of occasions, but her Chardonnay was so good that Robert Redford hired her to make his Sundance label Chard...

      1. Try Limerick Lane (Southern end of Healdsburg, E of the 101) and Frick (Northern end, W of the 101). Double bonus if the big Lab comes out to greet you at Frick. I also like Murphy Goode, which is bigger than both but which has some good bargains and a broader menu.

        1. Call ahead for an appointment at Rafanelli - well known for not being the friendliest winery around, but excellent Zin and Cab at what I think is a good value for the quality.

          1. Great wines at pasalaqua winery and just down the road is a little tasting room for Papapietro Perry. Really nice reds.