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Feb 16, 2007 06:13 PM

Red Velvet Cake/Cupcakes in San Diego?

One of my blog commenters asked if there are any bakeries in San Diego that make a good Red Velvet Cake. I am drawing a blank - can anyone help?

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  1. Yes, a bakery across from the Ken Theater on Adams. I forgot the name, but boy is this place good.

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    1. Any details? Did you taste it or do you just know that they have it? I used to live in Kensington and I gave it several chances, but was never that impressed with this place (Just Fabulous Desserts is indeed the name). I know a lot of people like it though.

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      1. re: Alice Q

        I was just responding to the fact that Burntend did not know the name of the place.

      2. I know - I was actually hoping burntend would respond, thanks though!

        1. I love red velvet cake.

          1. I'd also like to know where I can get some red velvet cake.

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              Elizabethan Desserts in Encinitas makes Red Velvet Cake and Cupcakes.


              1. re: srk

                Just saw them today. Elizabeth puts a fresh cherry on top of the cupcakes.

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                  I went to Elizabethan in Encinitas and the red velvet cupcakes are awful. Really nice ladies there but their red velvet cannot come close to competing with Sprinkles in Newport.

                  1. re: Chibi5

                    I'd have to respectfully disagree. You could make the case that the cucpcakes at Elizabethan do not taste the same as the mass produced cupcakes that each of the Sprinkles shops produces, and they do not, than God, but to describe them as awful, makes me wonder about the objectivity of your palate a wee bit. Just saying.

                    1. re: Chibi5

                      I disrespectfully disagree. Von's bakery cupcakes are awful, Elizabeth's are great. I think your Mom needs to thump you on the head and bring you to your senses.