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Feb 16, 2007 05:58 PM

Shik Do Rak in Northridge!?

I just drove by the intersection of Reseda & Devonshire and saw on the SEC Shik Do Rak! It's actually one lot east of that corner, behind the car wash.

It wasn't open and the lights were off so it makes me wonder, is it new and they're going to open? I imagine so because I'm sure I would've heard about it if was open already.

Anyone got the scoop?

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  1. YEP! I do, Live right around the corner. Used to be a tacky chinese rest. for years. Now will be a Korean BBQ- In the process of remodel and NOT open yet. Give it another month or so. If you're in the area, have you tried the Korean BBQ on Reseda across from Northridge Travel? How about the shops inside the Galleria Market. I think they're kinda expensive for Korean dishes but, who am I? Do love the bakery tho. Also expensive but, oh so yummy! :)KQ

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      the korean bbq on reseda near superior st? yes, Hanwoori it's called and i've eaten there a few times. never had their bbq but tried their hwe-dup bap which is not bad. their galbi tang is pretty good too.

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        I am trying to find the Korean BBQ place you it in the shopping center on the west side of the street just south of the Galleria Market?

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          the restaurant is on the south side of devonshire, just east of reseda. behind the car wash on the corner.

      2. where the heck is the galleria market?

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          Galleria Market is on the corner of Devonshire and Reseda. Many little shops inside. I do love the French Bakery inside the market called Tous Les Jours.
          I have never tried their food court but I will very soon.
          Very clean market by the way.

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            that's a really good galleria. i like it better than the l.a. store. for one thing no worries about parking and the store is huge, great selection. i've been to the food court a couple of times. i had some decent food but nothing spectacular so far but perhaps someone else found something interesting.

          1. in the galleria food court we usually eat at the one that's all the way at the back, the one that serves kbbq + tofu soup. it's pretty good if you're grabbing a quick low maintenance bite. but i can't say i've tried the others though so i don't know for sure if this one's the best, but they seem to have the most customers. also a roseberry (pinkberry knock off just opened there).

            there is another kbbq further down reseda that opened not long ago called han woo ri but i don't like it that much. we still just go to pine tree inn on reseda and roscoe for kbbq in northridge.

            is shik do rak supposed to be good? i've never tried their other locations etc.

            1. Do take note chowpals that Galleria has a great "salad bar" and korean sushi - which BTW is one w/meat or vege style, no fish. I like the vege one. They also have prepackaged meals to go - Bim Bap is one for eg. I use it often as a comp. to chicken in a stirfry. They also have made spinach, potato salad (yum) and seafood soups, etc. Also check out the Korean market on the corner of Sherman Way and White Oak (?) - Was a Han Kook now called (?) forgot - But, they have a hot bar and cold bar. It's great fun to get the various and try. I love the black beans (cooked in soy and sugar), the korean pickles, cooked fish and the ever so yummy octopus salad. :) KQ Happy eating!