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Feb 16, 2007 05:49 PM

best places to eat in south beach

Planning to be in south beach for week.I've eaten at prime 112 found that to be good. please help with quality restaurants inb the area

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  1. In no particular order
    Osteria Del Teatro
    Mr Chu's-dim sum lunch
    Alta Mar

    1. MMM Nobu! Love it.

      We also really enjoy Wish.


      and The Forge (well, maybe it's not technically "South" Beach) Ask for table number 12! Best table in the house, in my humble opinion.

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      1. re: HeatherFL

        I apreciate your insight thiis place tantra it seems is reasturant lounge ? the hotel would you stay there as well. I'm looking for hotel thats got night life as well as great location for hopefully under 400.00 Night. any suggestions.

        1. re: hamptonrealtor

          forget tantra for dinner expensive but not good

      2. I've rather enjoyed Tantra. Sorry you didn't feel the same, tpigeon! I have to admit, it's been awhile since I've been there. It's a shame to think the cuisine has gone down hill!

        It has a restaurant side and a lounge/bar area. The floor is made of grass, but I don't recall there being a hotel there. If there is, that's newer.

        Are you looking for a more boutique type hotel or a resort? I think for under $400 a night, you can do well in South Beach, depending on time of year.


        1. no some hotels my friends stay at delano,shore club, hotel victor are 400.00 plus a night. I'm meeting a friend I havent seen ij yeard. So I want great places to eat and sleep.Like i've been tp prime 112 thought food was good ? i like the idea of the restaurant wish considering that hotel as well. I appreciate your help. Whrere is best steak house in SO BE? AS WELL AS SEA FOOD RESTAURANT

          1. My favorite but is more of an italian place than steakhouse is Tuscan Steak. You should go to Joe's Stone Crabs for seafood.

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