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Feb 16, 2007 05:44 PM


Where can I find tomatillos at this time of year in Toronto. I have seen them grown in the Summer but I need to cook Mexican food NOW! Perhaps canned?

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  1. Sun Valley on Danforth Ave near Pape. I'm sure you could find them in Kensington market also.

    1. Go to Perola's on Auguta Ave. in Kensington Market - they always have fresh tomatillos. Whole Foods on Avenue Road usually have them too, but very expensive. I'd go to Perola's - between them and Casa Mexico and all the other Latino stores in the vicinity you can find everything you need (except fresh Epazote) to make an authentic Mexican meal. Perola's have a great selection of dried chilis, and also tortillas. And fresh Serranos, which you will need if you are making a sauce with the tomatillos.

      1. Canned are OK and are easy to find now--Loblaws/No Frills seem to be carrying more Mexican canned goodies than ever. If you have some sunny terra firma, tomatillos are dead simple to grow. Epazote can be grown in flower pots or containers. It's a tough weed that'll grow out of parking lot cracks.Seeds available through Richter's or Thompson&Morgan. Order now if you're interested.

        1. Thanks Everyone. I stopped by Kensington @ picked up tomatillos at a store I think was called Guatamala. Great stuff. I made a great green pumkin seed mole and found Poblano peppers( which you can't find at large grocery stores) and stuffed them. Also did chicken marinated in mexican spices and baked in banana leaves from Hung Phat Grocery. Shit, I love this city.

          1. I just found tomatillos at Harvest Wagon on Yonge Street