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Feb 16, 2007 05:42 PM


Any feedback would be welcome. Thanks Jason

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  1. Cute restaurant but the food is lacking. Everything was bland and seemed like they blanded it down for people who are maybe afraid of fish sauce. You're better off going to Chinatown.

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      hmm, curious...what was bland? i've had the opposite experience here many times..super-tasty chow...their rice paper rolls with peanut sauce are one of the tastiest i've had in outside of vietname. includes extra herbs and, i was told, a housemade garlicky sausage...soo good, i never want to share it.
      jsmitty..just do a search...there have been some recent chowhound reports on this spot.

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        What are your Chinatown favorites for Southeast Asian?

      2. I have been several times and enjoyed it very much. The quality was very high; I think they use better quality ingredients than other establishments in the nabe. It costs more than some cheap eats places though. The whole fish and duck breast were highlights. They have some sort of $22 prix fix early bird special - we were there too late for that - but it looked like a good deal.

        Was there last weekend before drinks at Death & Co, and it all added up to a great night.

        1. i'm wanting to listen to the more favorable comments!

          1. I went last weekend and got the angel wings at the bar and they were fantastic!!! The place itself though was a little weird. I asked for a glass of water from the bartender and she gave no response or movement so I thought she hadn't heard me. When she got closer I politely asked again and she said rudely "I heard you!" I was kind of shocked as we were the only 2 people at the bar and there was only one other group in there. It wasn't like we were putting them out and I had been polite. I also ordered a speciality champagne cocktail that was around $12 and it came in one of those teeny tiny juice glasses. I don't know it was a little disappointing to see that.

            All that being said though I will go back for the angel wings and recommend getting a beer and avoiding the cocktails. Maybe the bartender was just having a bad night.