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Feb 16, 2007 05:41 PM


Has anyone tried this new restaurant in Rockridge on College?

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  1. The "What's New" section of the Chronicle was calling it the Wood Tavern. I have not had a chance to go by yet.

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      I think it's Woodhouse.
      It's right down the street from me, so perhaps the job will fall on these shoulders. It seems a tiny bit expensive...

      1. I went by there the other night (I'm jealous of your neighborhood Oakland Barb!) and it was calling itself Wood House (on the sign) and Wood Tavern (on the posted menu), so understandably there's confusion.

        1. Whatever was said, it's been open since last Saturday. Tonight was the night for us.
          We squeezed in at the bar and ate, in a very limited way. Began sharing the beet, spinach, goat cheese and hazelnut salad. It was fine, not exciting. We both had burgers- loaded :cheese, bacon, onions. They were cooked exactly as ordered and the beef was very good, served on baguettes (not my favorite). The fries were crisp (thin). I asked for mayo and it appeared to be straight out of a jar. The other food I saw served looked and smelled (we were sitting close to others) very good and there were many exclamations over it's tastiness.
          Bar service was prompt and pleasant.There's a very good selection of liquor.
          It appeared that those around us were friends of the house and it was more "Walnut Creek" than "downtown Oakland". The crowd certainly didn't have a young feel, tonight.
          I'll be very curious to hear what others think.

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            I share your dislike of burgers on baguettes, the texture just doesn't work.

            What else can you tell us about the menu? Price range? Any entrees that looked good? Did they have beer on tap?


            1. re: Morton the Mousse

              Sorry to have not tried much. We're on a budget this month!
              The menu is a little more pricy than I'd like for a neighborhood restaurant. This has been echoed by, yes, my neighbors!
              Entrees are $17-$23. and first $7-13. I guess in retrospect that isn't so bad, there just isn't much variation with the exception of the burger, which many people were having last night. The pan roasted 1/2 chicken served to the person next to me at the bar looked good and was a large portion. There are a few unusual things such as venison carpaccio.
              I think the biggest issue for me was that each dish had something I considered "odd" about it, but that's just me! For example, the Dungeness crab salad has quinoa in it.
              I'll be very curious to see what others think.
              They have a huge and very good selection of liquor so I'm assuming they have beer on tap, but can't say for certain.

          2. We ate at Wood House on Day 5 of their Oakland debut. It was night before V-day and having just left kids with sitter, we were psyched to have great evening and sure enough, we had a super experience. started with Prosecco and fresh Soppressata, followed by delicious salad and lamb sugo pasta that we're still talking about two weeks later. The owners were both there overseeing everything and stopping by to check in on us and all the tables. By their actions, I can tell that they have high standards and are sincerely into creating a great customer experience--great food, attentive service, nice environment. We will definitely be back again--if you're looking for dinner out, it's definitely worth an evening.