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Best French Onion Soup in Nola

We're headed down to NOLA in early March and have lots of food plans (much of it thanks to the posts at this board). I was last in New Orleans in the late 80s for conventions and had the best onion soup ever at a restaurant in the French Quarter that remains nameless to me (too young think about remembering at the time...or maybe it was the hurricane(s) at Pat O'Brien's...). Does anybody know of any restaurants today that serve up a memorable onion soup? Thanks - looking forward to our visit!

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  1. I hear Le Crepe Nanou located uptown has a decent one. I've never ordered it though bc i always have the mussels and escargot which are great.
    1410 Robert Street
    New Orleans, LA 70115
    (504) 899-2670
    I'm interested to hear what everyone else says...Id love to know the answer myself !!!

    1. Cafe Degas on Esplanade Ave.

      1. Agree with both above...Crepe Nanou is very good. Cafe Degas is also very good. Try both and decide.

        1. agree with both above on cafe degas. great onion soup & the rest of the menu isn't bad either. resturant itself is a treat.

          1. Flaming Torch has very good french onion soup.

            1. I must vote for the Cote Brasserie.

              1. I suspect the place you encountered in the 80's was Hoolihan's. It was just a so-so place, but did have great onion soup and a nice oyster bar. It disappeared years ago. My favorite onion soup now is at Cote Brasserie, but must also mention a fair version at La Madeline.

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                  I agree. The onion soup at Hoolihan's was delicious. The only thing I remember besides that was the strawberry daquiris.

                2. I tried the french onion soup at Cote Brasserie, based on the suggestions here, and I have to say I was not that impressed. The soup was rather bland, and the cheese they put on top was more of a souffle than the traditional gruyere. First tip that something was off, even better I tasted it, was that the cheese was not melted over the edges of the crockpot, but rather neatly contained within thebowl. When mixed with the soup, the cheese had more the consistency of small curd cottage chesse, than the stringy stuff I am used to. Not what I was expecting AT ALL. Nevertheless, this would have all been OK if the soup was marvelously delicious, but it just wasn't. French onion soup has a wonderful aroma and texture which really makes the dish, and this one just didn't have it. The version at your neighborhood La Madeline's is 10x better. Perhaps I just went on an off night, or they had some mishap in the kitchen, but the bottom line still remains: there are better soups out there. I'll have to keep searching...

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                    Though this is a thread from 2007, it got me to thinking. French Onion Soup is one of my favorite dishes, but as much as I tried, I could not recall any in NOLA, that impressed me. Some were OK, but did not stick in my mind.

                    On a few occasions, we dined at the aforementioned Hollihan's, and I cannot say that I recall their FOS.

                    While I have had several memorable versions, plus one clear standout, that was not the baked FOS, that I, and most normally think about, I now gravitate to my version - Capt. Billy's 3-Onion Soup. Yes, I have "borrowed" elements from the best of the best, in my estimation, but it IS good, and so very rich. The difficulty is getting Maui and Vadalia onions to make it. When I can, it's a weekend-long event, but well worth it.

                    Interesting reading, even 3 years later,


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                      Oh how very strange! A coincidence, I suppose, but WYES just aired a new documentary called "New Orleans Restaurants with a Past" by Peggy Scott Laborde that had a feature on Houlihan's and their onion soup. Along with plenty of other fond memories. That it came so soon after this old thread was ressurected is just plain weird.

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                        get ahold of the Nero Wolfe Cookbook and try the onion soup in that...it does not have the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Cheese on it and, instead, uses vermouth to give it a little kick. Simply fabulous