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Feb 16, 2007 05:16 PM

Carnitas worth stopping for in Auburn - El Portal

thanks to a few good mentions of El Portal I made a lunch stop there today on the way back from a quick ski trip. Didn't want to have a large lunch because I still had a few hours of driving so I had a couple of soft tacos. Went for the chile verde and the carnitas. They each came on a double corn tortilla with a good dose of cilantro, onion and salsa fresca. Limes and radish came on the side. These were very well filled - as they should be for $1.85 each. The chile verde was OK but the Carnitas was reallly satisfying - lots of crunchy bits and a deep savory porkiness. This is the one I'd go back for .... the house chips and salsa are an afterthought - thin and crispy and they're free but nothing to write home about.

El Portal Taqueria - 13354 Lincoln Way - Auburn, CA 95603
(530) 745-9585
Right across the street from the McDonalds .....

Open 7 days a week - Mon-Thurs 10am -8pm
Fri - Sun 10 - 8:30pm

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  1. Where is this in relation to Ikeda, the only place we've ever stopped at in Auburn, or Lou LaBonte(?).

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      If you get off of 80 on the Forest Hill/Auburn Ravine exit - make a right hand turn and it's just one block down. But the part of the little mall where El Portal is located is not right on Lincoln. It's at the back of the mall. Look for the McDonald's and it's just down the hill from it (or West) Ikeda's is also on Lincoln but it's a couple of blocks East (towards Tahoe)