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Feb 16, 2007 05:07 PM

Palm Springs: Matchbox or Zin?

We've never been to either and trying to decide. We're looking for great food in an unpretentious and comfortable space.


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  1. by far, the best meal i've had in palm springs was a block over from Zin at Johannes.

    Spaetzle. Schnitzel. Strudel. And some non-Austrian stuff too.

    1. I haven't been to Zin, but Matchbox is good, if on the casual side. If I remember correctly, they specialize in their pizzas, and they have a pretty good beer selection.

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        They aren't comparable. One is a pizza/pasta place...quite good, too. And Zin is much more cosmopolitan and quite good. Surprisingly good. Wish they would reopen for lunch.
        Also, just across the walkway from Matchbox at the bar in THE FALLS they serve until
        6:30 very lush appetizers and not too expensive --1/2 price during the week.
        The FALLS is good, but quite pricey.

      2. I agree with Shari2005, it is hard to compare. If it matters, Matchbox has mixed drinks and Zin has a Wine Spectator Award wine list.

        1. Thanks so much for your input. We ended up going to Matchbox which ended up being fun, but a little more chaotic than we anticipated.

          When we arrived early for our 8pm reservation, there were tons of others waiting, including a bubbly bachelorette group. We sat at the bar and I ordered the Peppermint Paddy Tini, so unlike me but it was really delicious! In short, we were sat at 8pm and shared a starter salad and the pork chop, both quite good. We wished it had been a little more mellow and slower-paced, but it was just fine for our quickie PS overnighter.
          Thanks Again!