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Feb 16, 2007 04:47 PM

Late dinner in Palo Alto?

Hi -- we have a meeting in Palo Alto every third Friday, and it ends about 9 or 9:30, and then we gab a bit....
Is there a good, cheap to medium-priced restaurant open after 10? Either University area or -- well, the meeting is on East Charlston near Middlefield. Anything near there?
We like a variety of types of food, so any ethnicity is ok, but no pizza. (Am I the only person in the USA who doesn't like pizza?)
We've been eating at the Peninsula Creamery, which is great, but we'd like to widen our possibilities.

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  1. Old Pro and Il Fornaio serve late. Was just chatting about this topic a few days ago.

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        There's two locations. One on El Camino b/t University and Cal Ave. and the other on Ramona off University.

    1. La Bodeguita Del Medio is close (on California Ave), has easy parking, and serves reasonably-priced Cuban food. The kitchen closes at 10; I'm not sure what this means -- I assume you are ok if you order before 10 -- but you can call to check.

      1. Fayrouz on California Street is open until at least 10. I know that's not really late but then Palo Alto isn't Paris.

        1. Hey, you can do a lot better in palo alto than 10. You've got a good selection serving until 11, and some until 12.

          There's a middle eastern place on University, numeric name - something like 360, not far from PC - that serves late (11, maybe 12). It's not the best middle eastern in town, but does seem like a nice hang-n-gab kind of place. And cheap.

          NOLA serves until 11 on friday, not exactly cheap. Since they're a bar they won't be kicking you out.

          And, yes, you are the only American who doesn't like pizza.