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Feb 16, 2007 04:31 PM

Solo breakfast in JP?

So, I am eating my way through the new 'hood and will have to post sooner or later, maybe after a few more chow visits this weekend. In the meantime, where can I go have breakfast solo and not feel like a leper?

When I not so long ago lived on the "other" side of the river, I would go to Deluxe in Watertown or Rosebud in Davis (okay for the basics), where I could sit at the counter and fit right in. Where do I go solo in JP?

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  1. The tables are so close together at Sorella's (in Hyde Square, JP) that folks who are breakfasting solo never stick out to me.
    The brunch scene at Centre Street Cafe is so crazed, I doubt they'd even ALLOW you to sit by yourself. So, if you feel like making friends over your "truckstop breakfast" (best-named dish on the menu, IMHO), you can cruise over there.

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      Actually, my experience has been just the opposite. Centre Street is a great place to breakfast solo - the staff are very friendly, the atmosphere is bustling and cheeerful, and I always enjoy the well-selected art shows on the walls. Oh, and the food is great! Love the Truckstop Breakfast, love the raised waffles covered with a mountain of fruit salad, have trouble branching out on the menu because those two things are so good. Be warned - a lot of the portions are almost embarrassingly big, especially the omelets and such on the daily specials menu.

      I'm a pretty reserved person, and I still became a regular at Centre Street, remembered by the staff whenever I came in, after a surprisingly short time. I went there alone for breakfast on a regular basis for several years, and regret that I've fallen out of the habit. (BTW, the trick on the long wait line is to get there before they open at 9, or to go very late in the brunch cycle, after about 1.)

      I'm sorry to say that breakfast at Sorella's always sounded better than it actually ended up being - there's a huge fun menu but the food always ended up being just okay - but I was fine there as a solo diner as well. Never ate there often enough to feel part of the scene, though.

    2. the food isn't the best in JP by any stretch, but i've always found the atmosphere at java jo's to be quite solo-friendly.

      1. I liked the Russian-style crepes at Bon Savor. Nice bar.

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          Plus it's easier to get a table at Bon Savor than many other places in JP. There's also the bar at Doyle's for their blueberry pancakes. And don't forget the greasy spoon Forest Hills Diner a couple doors down from Java Joe's. Also a decent greasy spoon in Rozzy Sq. whose name begins with Blue but I can never remember it. I haven't eaten breakfast out much other than grabbing a tasty treat from Blue Frog or Canto 6 these days.