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Feb 16, 2007 03:51 PM

TAKUMI - Sushi Downtown

I first heard of this place from postings on this board (thanks, Clare K) and I have tried it twice now -- it has only been open three weeks. It was quite good both times.

The big eye tuna, yellowtail and red snapper sushi have been particularly delicious on my two visits, and last night my wife said the toro was the best she'd ever had. The crab ngiri and crab hand rolls have disappointed a little, but overall I have been very pleased at the quality of the fish, the selection and the service.

It's a cut below Nozawa and probably Sushi Gen, too, but it's not nearly as crowded as either one, and you have more elbow room to eat. I would rank it just above Sushi Go 55 and R23 downtown, in terms of the quality of the sushi.

It's a great addition to the sushi scene downtown.

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  1. Glad you like it too. I need to go back and give them my business. When I walked past there the other day around lunchtime, it was completely empty but for two people sitting at a table. Hiro was standing behind the bar, looking quite pissed. I hope it lasts!

    1. We were in on Friday night, 6-ish; when we arrived we were the only patrons; by the time we left, place was hopping, though not jammed.

      Ate at a table, not at the bar (Chow-spouse's choice), and lightly (she had chirashi and a sake; I ordered sushi off the ala carte, we split a miso eggplant...)

      . Sushi was wonderful, presentation and space elegant yet casual, service attentive, music choice as expected (stopped on the way out and pulled Hiro's coat about the most recent Coltrane vid on You-Tube...)

      So, Hounds GO already!

      1. BTW, the miso eggplant also was as good as I've had anywhere, ever.

        r gould-saltman

        1. i recently went to takumi with my dad to check it out. had a chat with hiro. we were just in it for a quick lunch so we sat at a table. the chirashi lunch special looked pedestrian (at 12 dollars thats to be expected) so i asked if there was a premium chirashi option. we got two 25 dollar chirashi sushis and it looked exactly like the regular but with a piece of uni in it. it came in a regular bowl, not a chirashi box and the rice was of poor quality and not seasoned at all. the ika was more or less cooked, the hamachi was local hamachi, and everything was of mediocre quality. the ownder/chef made it, not hiro. this was quite a disappointment, especially after eating premium lunch chirashis at sushi sushi in beverly hills every week the past month (22 dollars), which by the way is totally amazing.

          as much as i like hiro, i wont be coming back for a while, probably not ever, with so many guaranteed hits in this city.