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I can't figure out how to post!!!!

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Can someone please tell me how to post a question? Ever since the site was purchased and the format changed, I have not figured out how to participate! I registered, logged in, and cannot find a little box or anything obvious to show me how to post a message! The only thing I have found is how to post a reply to someone else's message or question. A couple of years ago, ChowHound was easy to use. What happened? Please help.


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  1. Congrats on your first post!!!

    1. Assuming you are indeed logged on then when you go to whichever board you are interested in starting a new topic on you will see at the top left of the screen a button that says "ADD NEW TOPIC". If you click on that you will then have a box to put in your subject and then a bigger box to put in the post.

      If you are trying to reply to someone else's post then you will see three choices at the bottom of their post which says Permalink then Report then Reply. Hit the reply button and then post in the box provided.

      Does any of that look or sound familiar?

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      1. re: tony michaels

        Help please! Yes, I am logged in. When I go to a specific board I'm interested in, and I want to start a new topic.....there is no button stating "add new topic" at the top left (or anywhere else) on my screen. I do have my glasses on, LOL.

        1. re: ctflowers

          If you are reading individual posts then you aren't on the boards "general" page which has the "add new topic" button (which you will see at the top left portion of the screen). Make sure you are on that screen which shows the names and titles of the responses, but not the actual details of the responses themselves, (if you are reading this response then you are NOT on the screen with the "add new topic" button).

        1. re: Ljubitca

          I figure his friend posted this for him while he was out of the room and won't show him how he did it. Not funny enough to be a spoof so I replied with something informative.

        2. Tony: Thank you! I will learn, just like I did a few years back.

          1. I don't see any ADD NEW POST Button. I had to reply to this one. Is there a problem with my system?

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            1. re: MoxieBoy

              The add new topic button appears at each individual Board. It is on the upper left under the Board name.

              1. re: Gio

                I see the ADD NEW TOPIC. But like now, I have to use the REPLY button. I don't see any ADD NEW POST button to generate a new issue within the same subject. Any help?

                1. re: MoxieBoy

                  You can't add a "sub-topic" to an existing thread. You can either reply, as you have done, or "Add a New Topic" to create a new thread.

              2. re: MoxieBoy

                i do not see any add new topic... i looked everywhere... really there is not one like others have said.

                1. re: missmojito

                  Are you looking in a thread or on a board? If you are looking for it in a thread, you won't see it. You have to go to one of the boards. Click the little arrow up above next to the word "Boards" and a menu will open up. Pick a board and then at the top underneath the name of the board will be a button that says "Add New Topic."

                  1. re: Seth Chadwick

                    i figured it out.... but not by the direction everyone is giving. Wow... what a process. Can it be any more vague.

                    1. re: missmojito

                      I am not sure I understand what you are saying as far as it being "vague." When I open up any board, the "Add New Topic" button is in the top 1/4 of the page in my browser and the button stands out like a sore thumb. Click it and I have a new window open waiting for my new topic.

                      Having an "Add New Topic" button in a thread itself leads to many problems because people will read it as their invitation to add a response to the current thread.

                      1. re: missmojito

                        If you want to post a new thread on the board you're already reading, you can also click the name of the board at the top of the thread to return to the index for that board.

                        1. re: Jacquilynne

                          Very interesting! How would anyone know you could do that if they hadn't happened to read this post?

                          1. re: jhammon

                            It's a link, so it made sense to me that clicking it would take you to the board.

                            1. re: jhammon

                              They might have noticed it's a link while running their mouse over it--that's probably the most common way of discovering it.

                              It's also mentioned in the FAQ under How do I post a new topic to Chowhound?

                  2. I'm guessing the reason some people are having problems is that they use google or whatever to "find us" and end up in a thread, then can't figure out how to get to the "main page" of the topic. For example, looking at the one I'm on right now, "SITE TALK" doesn't particularly look like a link back to the main topic. I don't know how common this problem is, but I can imagine that it's a bit opaque to someone just coming in. A lot of sites I use are a bit more "prosaic" and say something like "go to home page".

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                    1. re: DGresh

                      As a newbie, I am also having the same problem as Kent.
                      I finally went to Site Page and saw the post button and posted a question -- right into the Chowhound help section -- and not in a restaurant section! No one will ever see it there and I have no idea how or where to move it to.
                      When I have attempted to answer others' questions (a Manhattan thread, for example) I have no problem but there is no POST button at the top of that page for me to post a new post.

                      At least, in perusing this site, I see that I am far from alone. It looks like there are a lot of puzzled persons out there besides me asking the same questions.
                      Nice site but way too complicated for the average Joe.

                      1. re: idia

                        Welcome to Chowhound!

                        To start a new thread, click on the name of the Board you are interested in, by clicking on the arrow to the right of "Boards", and then you will see a button "Add New Topic". Just click on that button to add a new topic, just as you did on the Site Talk board. What you can't do is start a new topic when you are on a page for an existing thread. If you want to add a topic to the same board as the thread you are on, you can get to that board by using the clickable link at the bottom left of the page - for example, on this page, below you will see "Back to the Site Talk Board". You can then click on the "Add New Topic" button from there.

                        Hope this helps!

                        1. re: The Chowhound Team

                          By clicking on the ARROW to the right of "Boards!"

                          Hallelujah!! Why didn't anyone ever mention that?
                          How would anyone ever think to click on the ARROW instead of the word "Boards?"

                          Signed: A terminally technically challenged nerd.

                    2. Oh my god, I got the same problem at 09:57 p.m. PST (in SF) but the funny thing is, i've posted over 20 replies/responses! haha. I was also stuck looking for the add topic button on the top left part of the screen and I swear to god, it was not there for the longest time. I think it appeared when the arrow button was clicked on. That trick, like the chowhound team said, is to click on the arrow, (pretty stupid). Maybe it's a glitch. But no matter whether you click the arrow or not, there should be a post new button that is "always on" 24/7, not sure why for me the post new topic button did not appear before. strange....

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                      1. re: badbatzmaru

                        You have to be on the main page for whatever board you are looking to comment on to find the "add new topic" button. If you look at the bottom left of this "thread" or discussion you will see something that says "Back to the Site Talk Board" with Site Talk underlined, (and with two little arrows pointing to the left in front of the phrase). The same link exists at the bottom of each discussion or thread on every board on Chowhound.

                        If you click on that underlined link you will be transported back to the main Site Talk board, and you will then see the "add new topic" button on the upper left hand portion of the screen. That's just another way to go back to the main board of any one of the many regional or local or Not About Food boards, etc., etc. on Chowhound as you are reading a thread on anyone of them. And then you will be able to add your own new topic from there if you so choose. Does that make any sense?

                        1. re: tony michaels

                          I found this site/board/topic/thread or whatever it is because I am ready to post my restaurant review for Rome and I can't figure it out. The missing piece for me is that I don't know if a restaurant report is a new topic or a reply to other talk about a specific city. All this instruction above is too much for my jetlagged brain. It can't be as complicated as all that. Help me cut through by just telling me what to do to get to Rome. Thanks.

                          1. re: elizabeth2929

                            I see you have posted on the Italy board to a previous thread on Rome. That's the board you wanted. You might have posted a new "stand alone" comment on your trip, but the way you did it will work just as well. If you had wanted to put up your comments as a new "post" you simply would have gone to the "Italy" board: http://www.chowhound.com/boards/58 and then clicked on the "Add New Topic" button on the upper left hand portion of your screen. You would then have put in a "Topic" title and then put the write up in the form below and your post would then have shown up as a new one dated on May 6, 2007 rather than being added on to a thread which was posted back in 2005, (but you had plenty of company in that a lot of other posters had been adding on to the 2005 thread here in 2007). Does any of that make sense?

                            1. re: tony michaels

                              It does make some sense, but before I read this response, I poked around and found the screen that allowed me to post as a new topic. I did it, despite the redundancy. But then I couldn't get back to it until I poked around some more. Point being that this is all trial and error. Maybe the clue is the "italy" board as a destination. Soon I'll get the hang of it. Thanks.

                              1. re: elizabeth2929

                                Last tip, (an important one). If you scroll to the top of this screen you will notice the word Boards with a downward arrow next to it. Click on the arrow (not the word Boards) and you will then see a screen with all of the boards offered on Chowhound. Good luck.

                                1. re: tony michaels

                                  not to perseverate but I did as you said. Since I am only interested in Rome, when I got to the "latest posts" on everything, I put Rome into the box on the upper right. That gets me to Rome topics from 2002 but not anything new. There must be a way to get to new activity on Rome directly. I also am looking for Istanbul (we ate really well there and I would love to report) but I am sure there were Istanbul threads that I read before I left and I can't find them now, perhaps for the same reasons I can't find recent Rome posts easily. Is it me or the way this site is organized.

                                  1. re: elizabeth2929

                                    Putting Rome in the box at the top right was doing a search for Rome, showing you lots of threads that mention Rome on various boards.

                                    Rome is covered on our Italy board, so if you want to post a new question or comment on Rome, you'd choose Italy from the list of boards on the main page or use the boards menu (the arrow to the right of the word 'boards') where you'd find Italy in the International section.

                                    Similarly, you'd find recent discussion of Istanbul on our Turkey/Greece board.

                                    1. re: elizabeth2929

                                      elizabeth, when you put "rome" into the upper right hand box, it initiates a search for Rome, which is probably exactly what you want to do. However, the search function is in a current state of disarray, leading to all sorts of searching problems. So, you most likely aren't going to find what you're looking for by doing a search. They are currently reworking the search feature, and it should be fixed in the future, allowing you to do a search and put the most current topics first.
                                      Right now, if you want to find current posts on Rome, you have to manually go through the Italy board under International.
                                      Hope this helps.

                        2. I'm having the same problem. No way to post. I want to know what is the basic form of sugar, I want to use glucose and not fructose and I haven't been able to find out what basic cane sugar consists of. Help !!!


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                          1. re: kepri

                            Irene - scroll up to the top and see the word Boards with an arrow to the right.
                            Click on the arrow and a drop down menu will appear with the names of all the Boards available. Scroll down and/or to the right to see the complete listing.
                            I believe the board you want for your sugar question is under the Topical listing....Click on Home Cooking then when you get to that board, On the upper left you will see the button: Add New Topic.
                            A new page will open . Type the title of your thread then in the box below that type your question. When you finish, scroll to the right and click on the "Post My Reply button."

                          2. Kent, I have the same problem. How did you post? I can reply ok but foundno spot to post?