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Feb 16, 2007 03:30 PM

Downtown Fruit Smoothies

Every once in a while I pay six bucks for an unsatisfyingly small juice from Fresh and then wonder where the better deals are. Does anyone know of a place downtown that has healthy fruit smoothies for a better deal than that. There's a place on The Esplanade I think. Anything else? Thanks guys.

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  1. does your idea of healthy & fruit smoothie include yogurt? because I actually still really like the raspberry yogurt smoothies at Culture's -- it's their one secret gem. the yogurt is probably low fat. I think it is $3ish.

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    1. re: orangewasabi

      it does indeed... i will check it out. thanks for the tip!

    2. There's a place in the Concourse in Commerce Court that makes and sells good smoothies, both dairy and non-dairy. A medium, which is an ample size is $3.50. I usually get the Hawaii Sunrise.
      Not in the core, but I love the smoothies a Pulp Kitchen at Queen and Logan. Especially the Spiralina Smoothie - yum.

      1. Sorry, I should add that the place in Commerce Court, which I can never remember the name of, is near the entrance to the King Subway, it's across from the candy store and in between the bakery and accessories store.

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        1. re: pescatarian

          funny you should say that... i used to go there all the time when i worked in CCW - their 10-year-old-looking son used to serve me. i haven't been in a while, but i have to go to CCW tomorrow. i will try it again.

          1. re: markdsgraham

            Yeah, the little boy is there in the summer, etc. He takes his job very seriously! It's cute.

            1. re: pescatarian

              This isn't smoothie related, but in relation to the smoothie place in CCW, I had a little snack from there that is great and I thought I'd share. They have an assortment of salads in the open case to the right of the storefront. One of the salads is a little container of a small amount of soba noodles, shredded chicken, shredded carrots and cucumber. I have it with the balsamic vinagrette. It's a perfect light lunch/snack. Just thought I'd share.

          2. re: pescatarian

            man, that bakery you mention smells fantastic in the morning, don't it?

            1. re: Chester Eleganté

              It does, it's true, however, I rarely get anything there for some reason. Do you know if anything is good? The odd time I've stopped in there (probably for a tea) the couple there seemed really nice.

              1. re: pescatarian

                Hahah yeah..same. I've just had their western sandwich, which was all right, and a couple of their cookies. I like to get full breakfasts from Heidi's in the CC food court nearby.

                1. re: Chester Eleganté

                  Yeah, Heidi's is good. Just don't watch how they handle the vat full of bacon in between making other things, lol

                  1. re: pescatarian

                    Mmm..bacon. I welcome all manners of fat, y'know!

                    1. re: pescatarian

                      pes... okay, so the place is called Days Bakery, right? You gotta try the banana bread. I gotta say it's the closest to homemade style that I've had - taste, texture, ingredients... I daresay it may even be the same recipe that my family friend has been baking with all these years.

                      btw, as far as pasta in the area goes, how abouts Mercatto?

                      1. re: Chester Eleganté

                        Hey, CE, thanks for the tip, I'll have to try it one day (after I lose the 10 pounds that's recently crept back!).
                        I haven't been to Mercatto for ages. I remember their pizza and antipasto being better than their pasta, but it's been awhile. I was trying to think of a place I like pasta in the area and I can't think of anything. Soul of the Vine is OK, but nothing special, especially for the price point and I used to like the takeout place in BCE before it changed management and became to fancy for its own good. I think the previous managers were the brothers that now own Cucina. Anyways, can't think of any standout pasta in the area.

            2. There is a juice place in the food court under 55 University that is reasonably priced. (Same food court as Ruffage, Saute). Also, around $3.50 for a medium sized smoothie.

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              1. re: midtowngirl

                Squeeze at Front and Jarvis offers a good variety of fruit smoothies (with yogurt if you like) and the prices are good. Booster Juice is also really good - they have meal size smoothies and you get a free supplement of your choice. There's one located just east of Queen & Yonge.

              2. in union station i believe there is still a jugo juice, i love those guys the berry binge rules