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1.25lbs of Tellicherry Peppercorns - What to do w/ em?

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I lucked into a huge quantity of Tellicherry Peppercorns today. We use a lot of pepper, but not quite this amount.

Any ideas on either 1/ storage for 6+ months or 2/ high volume ways to use them up.

If they can't be stored or used, all the friends I see for the next week are going to get a goodie bag.

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    1. Freeze them or store them like coffee in airtight constainers...or do lots of brining?

      1. I buy peppercorns in large quantities (enough to last a year). I store them in an airtight container at room temperature. I notice no degredation of flavor.

        1. Use a Foodsaver (Tilia) or other vacuum sealer to store them. They keep very well. Sometimes Penzy's has those giant peppercorns and I'll buy a few pounds to keep them on hand. You can seal them in a bag or a ball jar.

          1. I think you should seal a bunch in a vacuum bag and freeze them. After buying a bunch of pepper in "throw-away" pepper grinders (even though I had figured out a way to remove the top and refill them: if you want to know how, just ask), I found some at "Big Lots" in glass grinders that have an easily removable top; just refill the bottle and you are all set!!! Am I cheap or what? Fresh ground pepper is fresh ground pepper!


            1. Whole peppercorns will easily last 12-16 months of kept in a airtight (sealed mason jar) container in a dark place. I buy a years worth of peppercorns at a time from Penzeys and there is no perceptible change in flavor at the end.\

              If you want to use them up, you can make Steak au Poivre or corner beef /pastrami.

              1. Here is a recipe that will use a lot of peppercorns to good effect.

                Grind a cup of peppercorns in your cuisinart. Roll a whole trimmed and peeled beef tenderloin in the pepper coating well. Sear the whole tenderloin well over very high heat (if this is in the house you will need a robust exhaust fan!). Place in a 200 degree oven for 20 minutes.

                You will then have a perfectly done tenderloin for slicing, pink from edge to edge.

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                  Place in a 200 degree oven for 20 minutes total, or per pound?

                2. will peppercorns infuse an oil well? that could be an intersting use, I've never seen it before.