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Feb 16, 2007 03:05 PM

Low Price for Staub

I noticed a very attractive price for a small Staub set at Costco in Scarborough.
The box contains a 2.5 l. casserole, and a 5.9l. casserole. Both are red, and have the inverted lids for self-basting. The price is $130. My local Costco (Ajax) has never had Staub, but this one does.

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  1. They also have them at the Costco on Wilson and Dufferin--Billy Bishop Road. It is a great deal.

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    1. re: faijay

      I bought mine at that location a couple of years ago. I love the larger cocotte, but have yet to to use the small one.

    2. I love my 5 qt Staub, and use it for almost everything.

      They have great deals on QVC also, but since mine was a gift I can quote exact amounts.

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        1. re: jayt90

          QVC is equivalent to the Shopping Channel.
          I think they're based in the US, but they deliver to Canada. I just ordered a 5 qt french/dutch oven from them and including tax/shipping it was $80. So that Costco deal sounds amazing!

      1. Wow! Haven't seen them at my N. Mississauga Costco--any sightings in Brampton or the almost-Oakville warehouse on Dundas W?

        1. This is also available at the Costco in Etobicoke (on the Queensway). If I hadn't indulged in a similar Le Creuset set they had a few years back, I would definitely be all over this - great deal!