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Feb 16, 2007 02:25 PM

Branzino or Estia - Need Rec Quick (Sorry!)

Am flying in to Philly for one night and would like to dine near hotel (Sofitel). Have rez held at Branzino and Estia - which is better, and how do prices compare? Thanks in advance for food rec as well as ambiance. Only have one night and want to make it special and fun.

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  1. I'd definitely go for Estia. Branzino is nice, but Estia is a step above. Branzino is a BYOB, while Estia has a full bar and wine list. It is also a more luxurious setting. Estia has a Greek orientation, while Branzino is Italian, if that makes a difference to you.

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      Don't see prices online for Estia. What would dinner for 2 and wine on avg run for 2 people?

    2. I just went to Estia for the first time last week, and I was surprised at how expensive it was. Appetizers were all pretty high--fantastic grilled octopus, but at $17? Most entrees were in the mid-to-upper $20's. Food was OK, but I'm not sure it delivered at that price level. We only had wine by the glass, but all the glasses started at about $9 up to about $14. Nice room--I found our waiter a little pushy, but the rest of the staff was more pleasant (here's something I'm starting to hate--wait staff not offering tap water as a choice: "Will you be having still or sparkling water this evening?" I'll stick with the Schuylkill punch, thank you...)

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        Wow, there's no excuse for only offering bottled water. Things like that will really taint my perception about a restaurant. In my thankfully brief tenure as a runner in well-regarded BYOB, I offered water, and then mentioned that we also had bottled still and sparkling if they wished. I think it made it easier for the patrons to accept tap since I had a container of it in my hands at the time.

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          I had the same offer at Estia regarding the water and I replied, "Ice water, thanks". There was no problem nor was there attitude. You can't blame them for trying to sell the products, just don't be afraid to ask for tap water. It would be different if they then refused to give me tap water, but that hasn't happened to me anywhere yet!

        2. It's a bit late to reply but I'd choose Branzino even though I enjoyed Estia a lot REstaurant week. Branzino Prices about 25% less than Estia and it's BYOB. I also prefer Italian over Greek, though Greek is fine.

          Anyway.. If you have financial concerns, Branzino hands down. Otherwise, a toss. Both were excellent.

          Steve R

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            Thanks - we went to Branzino and had a great meal. Also went to The Continental and Alma de Cuba. Alma really stood out - one of the best meals I have ever had! All in all, my whirlwind trip to Philly was filled with great food! Looking forward to going back soon.