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Feb 16, 2007 12:56 PM

Cotes du Rhone?

Has anyone tried Cotes du Rhone on Broadway and Catalpa yet? I know it's early but the place is practically around the corner from me and I'm curious to see if anyone's had a chance to try it yet.


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  1. No, but I'm thinking about going for a family dinner soon. Please let me know if you have been and what you thought. (My group is going to be 7 people.)

    1. I have reservations for this Friday, 3/2. I'll let you know!

      1. Yes -- they've got a ton of kinks to work out. For instance, we had a reservation and weren't seated for TWO hours! We gave them a break b/c they're new and we all live in EdgeH20 so we're pulling for them. I will say the food was very good and I will definitely go back -- I feel certain they'll pull it together.

        1. Yes, we went right after it opened. Because it was just open there were no specials, but the food was good. I like Matou or Bouchon better, but if I lived nearer to this place would probably go regularly (that it is BYO is a real plus). We were seated promptly, didn't have major service glitches, and found everyone pleasant. Hope they do well!

          1. Major kinks to work out! Waited two hours for a table w/ reservations, only to find they had three empty four tops but couldn't figure out how to seat the party of 6 at them who was in line before us so they made us all wait until a 6 top became available. Yikes! My pate was so incredible that it could have only been down hill from there and it was. Entrees were good not great and dessert was terrible - burnt carmel sauce and soggy bread pudding. Hope they figure it out because I like how unpretentious the whole place is!