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Feb 16, 2007 12:13 PM

Una Pizzeria Napolitano? Una ripoffa?

Is it me? I ate there last night. The pizza was good. Great? Well, I'm not so sure. Give me Lombardis or DiFaro's, that's great pizza. Maybe it was the price that ruined the meal. My son and I ate the following: 2 personal sized (the only type available) pizza's - margharita and something with cherry tomatoes and garlic, one glass of wine, one tiny Italian soda. With tax and normal tip (sit down, please) $66! WHAT? I felt like they had put a gun to my head and dragged me to the cash machine. Oh, only cash of course.
The place was completely full of other nitwits spending that kind of dough for that kind of dough. Yes, it was tasty (although I thought the margharita needed more sauce, and the cherry tomatoes were anemic). But it was hard to get past the outrageous overcharging. Am I missing something here?
Like I said, give me Lombardi's (or even Salvatores, in Port Washington!) any day.

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  1. I concur! 3 of us had one pizza each and got the rip-off bottle of Anglianco for $40... walked out at $120 including tip Try Ciro's on 33rd and Lex!!! Awesome and 2/3's of the cost!

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      Yes Ciro's with ribiolla cheese is great!

    2. Naples 45 has authentic pizza, is a better value, and is a nicer experience. Try their mini-meatballs, too.

      And they serve free tap water quite willingly.

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        Well, that's news. I mean, about the free tap water. One of the biggest complaints has always been that they refuse to serve tap water. So, when did that change?

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          I think NativeNewYorker is saying Naples 45 serves tap water.

      2. I just don't understand complaining about the cost. I mean, the price is listed on the menu. Its not like the specials menu where they don't list the price and you wind up with a $50 entree. If you think its excessive for pizza, don't eat there.

        I completely agree with the recommendation for Naples 45. Great pizza.

        1. We thought it was overpriced and just okay. I've certainly had better pizza elsewhere. Frankly, I am in Central NJ, and Trenton tomato pies have it over that pizza any day of the week. I cannot believe it was rated #1 in America by a pizza guide. Guess we should all take with a grain of salt!

          1. Why not complain about the cost as part of a value equation which of course is relevant to a restaurant review? That's like saying one can't complain that McDonald's make poor food because you know, going in, that's it McDonald's. Of course you get what you deserve by walking in with full knowledge, but it's still bad (or overpriced, or whatever the problem is in the view of the reviewer/coomplainer) food.

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              I think comparing the price to the value received is a different story and a completely legitimate gripe. I have no problem with a review saying the pizza isn't worth $15-$20 each. Maybe its the way i'm reading the original post but I took the comment to mean the poster was outraged when the bill came to $66, even though the prices are listed on the menu. That is what I thought was wrong to complain about.