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Feb 16, 2007 12:05 PM

Fresh Goat; Where to buy in L.A.?

A friend of mine is going to make Birria for me. Where can we find a good butcher in L.A. that has fresh goat meat?

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  1. Many Mexican carnecerias carry goat.

    1. There is farm/slaughterhouse in the Sierra Hwy., the area right between Santa Clarita and Palmdale, that my parents use to take us kids to pick out a goat from the farm; then we would watch them slaughter, clean and fabricate it. It was a truly fascinating experience for an 8 year old.

      I wouldn't even know how to find out if the farm is still there...but what could be better than birria made from a goat that was just moseying along earlier in the day?

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        1. I know a place in Norwalk that has same-day slaughtered goat and lamb meat all the time. It's right off the Imperial exit where the 605 and 105 meet. I happen to know their phone number (562) 868-2272. They have the fresh goat brain and liver too. The best part is you don't have to buy the whole goat--this place sells by the pound.

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            Do you have an address? Where is it relative to, say, Studebaker Rd.? I'm asking because we go through that general area fairly frequently, taking the Scenic Route to and from the east side of Long Beach.

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              Google says that the phone number Saqi supplied belongs to:

              http://www.marhabastore.com/ (scroll to the bottom of their page to find address / direction information)