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Feb 16, 2007 12:04 PM

Rainbow Doughnuts - Phoenix

After reading a few mentions on this board about Rainbow Doughnuts I finally got a dozen for the office. Very Good! I'm far from a doughnut expert, but these were definately better than Dunkin and other chains I've tried. Everyone loved them and they were gone much faster than usual. The one on McDowell looks like such a dump that I never even considered going inside. Thanks for the tip.

This experience made me wonder what else I'm missing. What are some of the unsung bakeries or similar places in town. I know and love Tammie Coe, and I found a tiny place in Scottsdale next to Hiro Sushi called Mountainside Bakery that has some very good pies. Any other little places that get overlooked?


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  1. Glad you liked Rainbow. Donuts are a rare indulgence for me, but when I do succumb, it's usually for Rainbow's product.

    Regarding little-known bakeries, there was recently a thread on Simply Bread, not far from Rainbow on 24th St. between McDowell and Oak. Their product is now available at stores like AJ's and Whole Foods, so it won't be little-known for long, but it's still fun to shop at the bread bar next to the bakery.

    Also nearby is the Middle Eastern Bakery and Deli on 16th St. They bake excellent pitas -- white and whole wheat -- on site.

    1. Isn't it great to be directed towards something fabulous. It's even better to stumble on it! I remember my first trip to rainbow. I got an apple fritter. delicious.

      I love the croissants at Au Petit Fours, which is just SE of 24th and camelback... and a little difficult to find. After a trip overseas, this was the only place that could cure my yearning. The owners are friendly, casual, and French. I've also had their rugalach, which was delicious. I haven't tried them, but they serve quiches and other basic foods.

      1. I enjoy Karl's Quality Bakery on 7 AV/Dunlap. They have good doughnuts and pasteries. They're one of the few places in town that make bouche noel for Christmas.

        I like Karsh's on 7ST/Missouri for rugalach.

        1. mamamia I agree...Karl's Quality Bakery has great donughts...their chocolate eclairs and Napoleons are scrumptious too!