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Au Pied de Cochon Suggestions?

I have a reservation this Sunday at APdC and am stoked. There's going to be 4 of us and we'll share things. Any suggestions on things we should order/ stay away from?

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  1. I've only been to Au Pied de Cochon once, and I loved the Plogue de Champlain and the Duck in a Can. For some reason, I thought the Plogue was an appetizer and ordered it as such. Well, it's not an appetizer - it's a very nicely sized main course dish. This did not stop me from eating the whole thing, in addition to most of my Duck in a Can, the leftovers of which were wonderful for breakfast the next day - cold.

    Here, little piggy... :-))

    P.S. Don't forget to buy the book. It's for sale at the restaurant.

    1. The smoked mackerel appetizer is delicious. We were a table of 3 and we shared the main dish of the guinney hen and there were leftovvers. It was excellent though. And yes, buy the book, it's amazing.

      1. I like the foie gras apple pie. It's a small tart of caramelized apples and onions, with some raw milk cheese melted over and a piece of seared foie on top. The cochonailles (cold cuts and pâtés) platter is another favorite of mine. The smaller pig's foot (the one without foie gras) is also great. It's served on a bed of garlic cheese mashed potatoes along with a fried cake made from all the little bits leftover from boning out the foot. Again great leftovers for the next day.

        1. The duck in a can and the foie gras poutine.

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            (realised I should have made it clear that those were things I was recommending you order).

          2. Wow - this is my favorite table in Montreal! If they are serving it, the elk tartare is really, really worthwhile. You would have a hard time going wrong here (unless you don't dig on swine - they serve everything but the oink!), but in my opinion the foie gras poultine is just TOO over the top!

            The wine list is better than most, if a bit on the expensive side compared to NYC or L.A. (damned US dollar!). Well, that and it leans toward plonk (Bordeaux), which I have a bias against, but there is something for everyone and chances are excellent you will enjoy your meal and the experience. (Does anyone else agree that Joel's Atelier in Las Vegas ripped off Au Pied's interior decor? They most certainly did!) N.B.: Be prepared for rowdy tables - overheated bankers and traders can get really loud - but then I think the flush-faced atmosphere is half the fun!

            1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Went Sunday night with three other guys and it was amazing. Our table ordered the Plogue du Champlain, an endive, apple and blue cheese salad, pork three ways, lamb shank confit, and duck in a can. I eat at Union Square Cafe a lot but I will tell you that our waitress was one of the kindest and most gracious people I have encuntered in a restaurant. My friend stumbled through asking for a glass of wine, practically requesting something earthy yet clean, dry yet fruity, and she hurried away to the bar and brought back multiple bottles with multiple glasses for him to try. The salad almost seemed like a throw away order, but it was well dressed, loaded with blue cheese that was not too overpowering, and had lots of pepper tossed in. I don't know why that sticks with me but it just seemed to make so much more sense for them to season the salad appropriately than to come over and grind a bunch of pepper on the top of it. Whenever that happens in New York half of my salad has pepper, but the rest doesn't. Just seemed like a small thing which made sense. The Plogue was more or less Aristotle's Form of the McGriddle. Duck in a can was ridiculous it was so good.

              Part of me wondered if the restaurant was some kind of joke that I didn't understand. I guess that it's so rare to see food that is that good, that honest about what it is, and that seemingly respectful of the animals that it comes from (just by being really direct about showing you that it's an animal, here's the bone, here's the pig foot, etc.) that it's hard to know what to think of it afterwards. Do the massive quantities show that they are generous or is it some sort of comment about excess? No matter what, I know that I haven't thought about a meal in the way that I think about that one in a long time, and I know that the bistros that I eat at in New York City suddenly seem ridiculous.

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                Thanks for the great report, jgradieoakes!. Delighted to see that Picard and crew made such a big impression on you. Personally, I think Picard's generosity is sincere and not some kind of commentary. I hope you bought a copy of the cookbook. If not, I urge you to do so and to watch the dvd. In one of the recipe segments (salmon in newspaper), Picard talks a little about "making every meal as if it were his last". I think you would find it interesting.

              2. I definitely second the vote for the plogue; it is delectable (I chuckled at its description as the McGriddle of the Gods!). I also like the duck carpaccio. And the PDC mashed potatoes with garlic and cheese. And the lamb shank confit.

                When I went this week the special was arctic char and it was *fantastic*; the warm bacon/crouton/potato/roasted tomato/pea shoots (?) salad that accompanied the fish was something I'll be dreaming about for a while...

                1. Does anyone have a handle on when the summer menu starts? I have reservations for May long, but realllllly want to try the seafood platter...

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                    Why not call the restaurant and ask?

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                      Because I don't live in Montreal and I thought I would try and save myself the long distance if someone here knew off the top of his or her head, but thanks for your helpful suggestion.

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                        Pied de Cochon is now serving up the first and freshest snow crab of the season! It's still a bit early for seafood platters, but I had the best snow crab there last sunday, a messy but delectable affair! It was followed by a gorgeous halibut surrounded by the first fiddleheads from Quebec! Yum!

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                          You're welcome. And here is their email address:


                          Contact the restaurant. They know best what arangements they have made with their suppliers.

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                            I agree - when Chowhounders can't help with a bit of timely information, best to get it straight from the horse's mouth. Er - or, the pig's foot. ;-) And if email doesn't work, hopefully a quick call to Quebec from Ontario won't break the bank. (If it will, I'd suggest looking for a new long-distance plan - it's not like we're in Siberia.) Good luck!

                            As an aside - a friendly note to all restaurants - please use your Web site to give customers the information they're likely to be looking for at any given time of year. That's what it's there for! (This isn't the first occasion where some timely info was nowhere to be found on the APDC site.) Make use of it!

                    2. There are some great pics of PDC entrees (and a few from Schwartz's!) with descriptions and commentaries in this guy's photo stream:


                      1. I just went last night, and had an amazing meal!

                        We shared the fingerling potatoes with cod cheek (beautiful, creamy, delicate - superb!), the tongue with tarragon (very good), the foie gras with potatoes, cheese and a maple reduction (shockingly good, my eyes rolled back in my head), and the halibut cocobean mentioned a few posts ago and the duck carpaccio (velvety texture, heavenly).

                        Photos of all the dishes are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kimberle...

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                          Nice pictures! Those marshmallow toffee brownies don't look half bad, either :)

                          I had the bison tongue with tarragon at APDC last time I went and I thought is was fantastic.

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                            I always start with (several of) the cromesqui appetizer - warm, liquid foie gras....heaven!!!