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Feb 16, 2007 11:36 AM

Montreal this weekend

Montrealers m'aident, s'il vous plais...

I'm coming up from NYC for the weekend (which, admittedly, doesn't make a lot of sense from a weather standpoint) and was hoping I could get some recommendations. I've visited before, about two years ago in the summer, when walking around wasn't as chilling as this weekend promises to be! Could anyone help with the following:

1. Can you recommend a really good bistro relatively close to the St-Denis/Saint-Laurant area?

2. Any recommendations for restaurants with good organic foods on the menu (not necessarily vegetarian)?

3. Do you know if there's anything going on for Chinese New Year this weekend? (not necessarily chow-related; any events, performances, etc.)

4. I know that this is off-chow topic, so please e-mail me offsite if you'd like, but any recommendations for INDOOR actitivities or events would be appreciated. I've already taken in most of the museums, Biodome, etc. on my last visit, but if you know of anything going on that an out-of-towner might not pick up on through the regular channels (ie: not ultra-touristy), I'd welcome any suggestions (live music?) I know, I'm a wimp temperature-wise compared to the hardy Quebecois.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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  1. 1. Cocagne, Le Continental and L'Express are all on St-Denis between Roy and Rachel. If you're willing to take a chance on a new kitchen staff (that includes some pretty bright stars), Laloux on Pine Ave. a block west of St-Denis might be worth a shot. There's also Brunoise on St-André and Roy, about three blocks east of St-Denis (not strictly a bistro but close enough). Though it's not talked about that way, Au Pied de Cochon, on Duluth three blocks east of St-Denis, has many trappings of a bistro (and owner Picard once told me he envisioned it as a "bistro du peuple"). Bistro would also probably encompass the delightful and tiny Au Cinquième Péché on Mont-Royal a block west of St-Denis.

    2. In season, much of Au Cinquième Péché's produce comes from an organic farm to the north of the city. Don't know what they do during the winter. At least some of Au Pied de Cochon's meat comes from organically raised animals. Any caribou you see on any menu will be organic. Interesting question.

    Can't help with 3 and 4 but if you want people to e-mail you, you should think about including an address somewhere. ;o) If your French is up to it, theatre is always a good bet.

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      We've removed the original poster's email address here. If he wants to include it, he should put it in his profile. We also remind you that non-food-related conversation about what to do in Montreal is off-topic for this board.

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        1. L'Express.
          Bring me a goose egg from Zabars!!!!!

          1. nom de plume,

            quite interesting, we are from nyc (originally, ct now) and going up to montreal this weekend as well! although summer is better, winter in montreal has its own charms. just remember to bundle up, its really, really cold up there.

            i would definitely recommend brunoise. i went in the summer and we are going again saturday night. you must try the pana cotta with basil sauce. fantastic! l'express is ok for straightforward french bistro, but the attitude could be overbearing. au pied is a good choice, as well.

            as for activities, i would recommend the natural history museum if you haven't been and the architecture museum, if you like that sort of thing. ice skating is fun near old montreal. the markets are always nice. i think atwater is still open in the winter.

            have a great time and maybe we'll run into you there!