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Feb 16, 2007 11:05 AM

Fine dining nr. new ICA

We're attending our first event at the new ICA next Friday and would like to eat well and reasonably expeditiously before the 8 pm performance. As directionally impaired out-of-towners, we'd like to be within walking distance of the museum if it's possible...

Suggestions? TIA

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  1. LTK (Legal Test Kitchen) is a quick walk from the ICA. It's operated by Legal Seafoods.

    1. seaport hotel has aura, intercontinental has miel and boston harbor has meritage, all within walking distance of ica. depending on the weather, you're also close enough to eat at les zygomates in south station.

      1. It's gotten mixed reviews, but my boss liked Sauciety.

        1. Well, you have the appropriate attitude as an out of towner in our fair city!

          Radius is also pretty close by, a short walk from South Station. I'd try to get in there at six to make and eight pm show.

          1. What about brunch on a Sunday, near ICA? Is there anything within walking distance? We're out-of-towners, but hearty New Englanders when it comes to walking.

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              Sel de la Terre, a more casual offering by Frank McClelland (of L'Espalier fame), would be a great bet for brunch, located close by, next to the aquarium.