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Feb 16, 2007 11:02 AM

British pub/restaurant in Inland Empire or SGV?

I have a British friend who recently moved from Washington state to Ontario and is looking for a nice British pub/restaurant in the Inland Empire or San Gabriel Valley. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Try Brit's Fish and Chips in Pasadena. It's on Colorado, just west of Allen, on the south side of the street. They've two storefronts merged into one - on one side is their restaurant, on the other the pub. Friendly people, decent pub food. I think Happy Hour is between 3:00 and 7:00, but won't swear to that.

    1770 E. Colorado Blvd.,
    Pasadena, ca 91106
    626 578 1301

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      Excellent fish 'n' chips. I've never tried anything else, but their menu includes other uniquely British offerings as well.

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        I have to say I wasn't all that impressed with Brits, at least the pub side. I haven't been on the restaurant side since it was La Grotta di Capri...which itself was unimpressive in its last days but provided some great unplanned enteraintment.

        The fish 'n chips at the Sierra Madre Lucky Baldwin's location is, at least to me, superior to Brits. This location is also much more pleasant and cleaner than the original Pasadena location.

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          Brit's has (IMHO) the best fish and chips in the SGV area. Their other menu items are very good too.

        2. The Olde Ship on North Harbor in Fullerton is pretty good and not far from SGV.

          1. I liked the Lucky Baldwin Delirium Cafe/Pub in Sierra Madre - less rowdy then the Old Town Pasadena location.


            1. Black Watch Pub
              497 N Central Ave # B
              Upland, CA
              phone: 909/981-6069
              Just above the I-10 Fwy, only a few blocks north of Ontario.
              Located on the west side of the shopping center. Plenty of parking. Lots of ales on tap.
              Last time I was there, they had a live rock band on Friday night.
              Separate dart room, real darts, not electronic.
              Also check out another pub in Upland:
              Bulldog Pub
              1667 N Mountain Ave # 117
              Upland, CA
              Located at the corner of Mountain & 16th/Baseline
              in the Stater Bros. shopping center near Claro's Italian Market.
              Used to be called British Bulldog back in the day.
              They used to offer a decent enough fish&chips. Cannot say for sure. Again lots of brewskies to choose from. Footballers & rugby players hang out there.

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                I live a few miles and have been there once ... whle I was there folks were smoking inside .. and its not friendly for kids ... and little food. While I much rather travel 50 miles to the Kings Head in Santa Monica ... managed by a scouser too! Pub and restaurant and store. Plus you can following walk onto the beach, pier .. certainly the outside mall. Something closer? My mom's cookn.

              2. Lucky Baldwin's in Sierra Madre has good Fish n Chips, and is now serving a full english breakfast. Hoever I am not sure what a full english breakfast is......

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                  my clogged up aching heart is right-- according to their Webpage, their english full breakfast is one banger, one irish bacon, 2 eggs, fried tomato, mushroom & baked beans, along with toast & fries.


                  1. re: AquaW

                    Yippee! I loved those big English breakfasts when I was in England. However, not once in the several months I was there, did I ever get served baked beans nor chips at breakfast. And never only one banger and one bacon. :)
                    If Lucky Baldwins trims off the crust on the toast and places them in a proper toast holder, that would really be something.