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Who had the whole pig at Daisy Mae?

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Hi - I have a group of 16 friends and myself going to Daisy Mae tomorrow night for my birthday but I'm not sure waht to pre-order, so far I got the half pig and the butt that's supposed to feed 12 people.

Do you think we got enough food? or should we order more? I heard that it's an insane amount of food and that we'll prob have left overs. But, nothing bothers me more than running out of food :) I get very very cranky!

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  1. We did the Big Pig Gig back in September. We ordered a whole pig and the pork butt and it fed around 17-18 people. And we had leftovers on both the meat and the sides (which I felt were somewhat lackluster). Think about the amount that your friends are likely to eat and go from there.

    And don't dress up! You're literally ripping the meat apart with your hands (DM will provide aprons and gloves.) And don't forget to bring beverages. We brought a small keg.

    It's a good time. Not something you need to do over and over but every once in a while.

    1. How far in advance did you have to make your reservation? I've been dying to put together a group to do this.

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        We made ours a couple of weeks ahead of time (I didn't actually book it, someone else in our party did.) But according to their site you only need to call two days ahead. Providing they're not already booked.

        I preferred the pork butt to the whole pig. The sides were okay but nothing super special. We had the creamed corn (I'm not a fan to begin with. Others seemed to enjoy it), the sweet potatoes and Bourbon Peaches (so much sauce I didn't even realize they were peaches at first.) I can't remember if we had the beans? For some reason I'm thinking no. Maybe just more coleslaw.

        And their watermelon was sweet as sugar.

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          I've seen on their website that you only need to order the pig 2 days ahead of time but was trying to gauge how far in advance the reservation should be made.


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            I think 2-3 weeks advance reservation would be good.

      2. i actually did the big pig gig for my birthday a few weeks ago. we had 16 people and i ordred a half pig, whole butt, and 4 "off the menu" meals which were ribs, pulled chicken, and brisket. the half pig and butt only reserved spots for 12 people and they made us order 4 of these off the menu meals. definitely lots of food but no biggie. we devoured everything, including the sides (which are not as good as the meat - although the spinach is fantastic). we had pineapple, not watermelon cause of the season.

        oh and remember: bring beer and bottle openers. they dont have any. we had a great time. for 16 people for all the food plus tax and tip it came to $700, or about $45 a person.

          1. Just did it last week. The whole pig served 17 of us and we had much left over. We ordered some extra ribs also because the pig did not come with ribs. Dont forget to bring your own beer. Also, dont park in front one of us got towed.

            1. wow. all this sounds pretty good. a few questions: how many friends can i realistically bring for the whole pig feast...20, 30? i'm guessing i need to provide my own beer and wine (a good thing). is this true? lastly, what should i tip after a pig-out?
              thanks for the info.

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                On saturday we took over one row of tables and chairs (DM has 3) with 15-16 people. So I guess you could realistically fit about 45 people if you get the whole restaurant.

                We brought our own wine, beer, cups, beer openers and corks screws.

                As for tip, we tipped the regular 20%, came out to about $47/person, not including me, the birthday girl :)

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                  thanks, joli. now i have to find 45 friends!

              2. To give everyone a review of our Saturday activities.

                I think the food was pretty good, and the whole presentation was pretty cool. I actually enjoyed the half pig bettter than the butt (a lot of people have preferred the butt in the past), the meat was so tender and juicy. We definitely had too much food left over, but who doesn't like pulled pork sandwiches the following day?

                As for the side dishes, I really enjoyed the corn and the spinach the best (for some reason, I really liked mixing them together - weird i know). The spinach looked very weird being pureed, but most people wiped that one clean.

                Overall, a cool experience to go through and would do it again.