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Feb 16, 2007 10:40 AM

Hidden gems...hole in the walls....

I live in NYC. Travel up here and I'll tell you the best place to get a slice of pizza. The best scallion pancakes. The best dumplings. Hankering for cupcakes? Want a taco at 4AM? I know the place.

I need this for D.C.

Im going to be in DC tomorrow for one day and would love to eat at some real good places. I'm not looking for fancy restaurants, but regular places that will offer me the best indian appetizer, or chinese dumpling, or hamburger, etc.

Please help!

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  1. Hamburger - Five Guys (obviously)

    Indian - Bombay Bistro (in Rockville and DC)

    Hollywood East Cafe - Dumplings (try there Dim Sum if you can)

    1. 2 Amys - Margherita pizza - no slices though
      Vace for slices, but ask for olives, onions, and red pepper
      Rita's - polori (fritters) with pickled tamarind sauce
      El Rinconcito Dos - Carne Deshilada (get this with egg)
      Pyramid - Carrot Salad (or anything they serve - Moroccan)
      Thai X-ing: Salmon Red Curry
      City Deli - Pastrami and Corned beef combo
      Jaleo - tortilla espanol, patatas bravas
      Oohs and Aahs (soul food) - lemon pepper wings, rice with gravy, greens
      Nam Viet: Bun Cha with grilled pork

      In the burbs:
      El Pike (Falls Church, VA) Saltenas, Humintas
      Ba Le (Rockville, MD or Springfield, VA) Super Combo Banh Mi
      Than Son Tofu (Falls Church) fried tofu, vegetable cakes
      La Union Carry Out (Arlington) Veggie Enchilada
      Taqueria El Charrito Caminante (Arlington) Goat or Chorizo tacos
      Punjab Dhaba (Falls Church) - Dahi Vada
      Bombay Curry Company (Alexandria) - Bhel puri
      Woodlands (Langley Park, MD) Mutter Paneer, paper dhosa served plain.
      Hong Kong Palace (Falls Church, VA) Chengdu noodles
      The Lebanese Butcher (Falls Church, VA) mini-sausages, kibbe
      Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe (Arlington) bauernwurst

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      1. re: Steve

        Need to know more, but it's one day in DC and I'm guessing that day is Saturday - which cuts out a few options (such as C.F. Folks, Breadline).

        Steve and I think very similarly it seems, but of his list I'm going to second Nam Viet the most. For a list for a weekend it would only be on the list. Given you're from NY City, we don't know exact location, it isn't during the week, and only in for a very short time, I'd like to guide to good and consistent. I've posted my own recs so many times it skips - but I've also never known for there to be a bad meal from there.

      2. The original comment has been removed