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Feb 16, 2007 10:30 AM

Spago for lunch - should I go?

My husband wants to take me their for a birthday lunch - I have never been and wondering if its a great place and worth the hype? If so, what should I order? Don't want to do the tasting menu since we are going to Providence later that night...but still want to eat well!! If you have other suggestions for a great lunch let me know!


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  1. Spago is great for lunch. Request to sit on the patio because the dining room is one of the noisiest in LA and not very attractive. I had a truffle and marscapone cheese omelette there last week. It was DELICIOUS, granted it was $85, but it was really good. I also always enjoy the Lobster Cobb Salad or the Lobster Club. The Kaiserschmarren is a must have for dessert but you must request it the minute you sitdown because it takes 45min. It's a crepe/souffle thing with strawberries and is superb. It's among my top 5 desserts EVER. Two people can share one. It is very light. Have a 2oz chateau d'yquem ( I know I spelled that wrong) and your meal will be perfect. Happy Bday and have fun

      1. One of the few places that lives up to and often excedes the hype.


        1. Best of all Worlds.
          I would request the "limited" (mini 4 course)Tasting Menu at Spago for lunch.
          The Chef's Table is my favorite at Providence.

          1. I think you're in good hands at Spago lunch. If I had the time (and funds), I'd do the tasting menu.

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              The Lunch Mini is about 4 courses plus dessert and around 60-, certainly not much more than a ALACARTE menu selection.