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Dumplings on the UWS?

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Where can I get good dumplings on the UWS for delivery?

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  1. I assume you're talking about chinese dumplings?

    I like the boiled ones from the Cottage.

      1. Hmm.. something didn't post. My point is vagueness on 2-3 counts. For starters, what kind and where on the reasonably extensive UWS?

        1. I always like Ollies dumplings for delivery (caveat: dumplings delivered are no where near as good as in the restaurant). Their delivery is pretty fast, so at least your dumplings are sitting for too long en route.

          1. I have not been there in a while, maybe 2 years, but I always liked the dumplings from China Fun.

            1. shun lee in the sixties has a dim sum restaurant too. they should deliver...

              1. i've been tasting dumplings throughout the city for 5+ years and have probably tried nearly every chinese restaurant on the UWS. i also did a dumpling tour in chinatown a couple of months ago, and tried most places listed on this site. i owe this site a report of that tour.

                anyway, i obviously LOVE [fried] dumplings. here are my top three favorites on the uws (first is best) and all will deliver:

                1) china fun (columbus bet. w71 and w72) - i know this is not the best chinese restaurant by far but their dumplings are probably my favorite in manhattan (so i strongly second valerie's recommendation) b/c they are plump and juicy wthout being doughy at all. lots of meat and good taste. try fried chicken or fried pork dumplings. you can also buy them frozen and boil them at home and then fry them in sesame oil. i always have some in my freezer and have to say this is the one item that tastes as good in the restaurant as it does cooked at hone.

                2) schezuan kyoto (columbus bet. 67 and 68) - this place has decent dumplings. they are a bit more doughy than i would like but they are crunchy with a great taste. the filling is awesome.

                3) silk road (amsterdam near W82 and W81, i think) - not bad. probably my third favorite.
                i believe they are similar to the ones at the cottage which was recommended by someone else here.

                please keep us posted with any good finds as well as feedback with regard to these places. i also think the ones at shun lee and ollies are decent but they are not my favorites.

                1. Chinatown Brasserie has great dumplings

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                    Yes, but it's not on the Upper West Side.