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your favorite chowish commercials

I'm listening to a radio broadcast from 2005, and charmed and captivated once again by a commercial for Pepsi (one of a series of ads promoting drinking Pepsi -- ick! -- with Italian food), that consists of a man and a woman having a highly emotional "conversation" in Italian -- only all the words are Italian food words (with the last word being "Pepsi")!

I nominate this as the most chowish ad I've ever heard. Any other nominations?

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  1. I think the only ads I've ever seen with good-looking food were on French, Italian, Japanese, and Korean channels.

    1. Well - the old ones: "That's a spicy meataball." The Dr. Pepper dancers. "Pardon me but do you have any Grey Poupon?" "You put the inside on the outside is it good, darn tootin' - it's the big fig newton!" "Time to make the donuts." "My balonge has a first name, it's o-s-c-a-r," etc. That's just off the top of my head. There's probably hundreds rolling around in there.

      1. I love the current commercial that shows food while people sing "happy, happy, joy, joy." I don't like the product that's being advertised, but I love the song and heartily endorse the sentiment that food should make you happy!

        I sing this song when I've cooked something particularly delicious.


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          That should properly be a commercial for egg-sucking.

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            How Funny.....you EEEEE-deee-it!

        2. I love the peanut commercial with Robert Goulet. "A handful a day keeps Robert Goulet away." Hilarious.

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            Yes! I can't keep this commercial out of my head! I don't really know why I love it so much. I like to take the Emerald nuts and add a bag of M&Ms. Yummy

          2. The most awful ones are the beer ads for Amstel and Rolling Rock. Rolling Rock "Extra Pale" is actually a lager. This is an obvious attempt to appeal to the "micro" crowd. Amstel is marketed in one of it's commercials as an appropriate pairing with a fine meal.

            1. ".....every July peas grow there........"

              1. Jack in the Box occasionally hits my funnybone. The recent one with Jack in despair that his son wants to be a "vegetarian" (because when our dog hurt his paw we took him to the vegetarian and he made it all better) and the classic stoner asking Jack "how many?" tacos he should get -- 30!

                  1. My current favorite is the Jenny O commercial where people see different types of clothing ensembles and they reinterpret it into different food preparations. I am not sure if they are intenionally snubbing the size zero model world but if they are it's pretty clever. Even if they aren't commenting on the runway scene I like the commercial because of the unusual perspective. It really speaks to me as I can see food in so many different situations that are not related to food.

                    1. The Oreo smack down: Grandma vs. RaceCarDriver in a race licking creme off the cookies and downing w/milk. Winner gets race car -- guess who's doing wheeliesand making skid marks!

                      1. The Boyfriend and I actually simultaneously laughed out loud at one the other day:

                        The recurring character of the guy in the Sun suit is normally telling his family there is time for breakfast because of the Jimmy Dean skillet breakfasts. In this particular commercial (which I have only seen once), he starts with a weary Crescent Moon. By the end of the commercial, the Sun offers Moon a bit more and he replies, "No, I'm full" and by that time, his costume is that of a full moon. Funny pun.