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Feb 16, 2007 09:18 AM

Sushi in Nassau? Zutto?

Looking for a festive place for birthday sushi in Nassau County. Would Zutto or Matsuya in Great Neck be worthwhile or does anyone have additional suggestions?

Would prefer Great Neck,Port Washington, Manhasset or Mineola area.

Thank you!

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  1. Try Hinata on Bond Street in Great Neck.

    1. Hinata is probably the nicest of the bunch in terms of atmosphere. The sushi at Daruma is really good, although I'm not wild about most of the cooked entrees. I like Matsuya, but I would rank it third. I've only eaten at Zutto once, so I can't really say.

      1. Rock 'N' Sake in Port Washington, which moved up from New Orleans. Amazing food. Terrible service and terrible atmosphere. Unless you like guidos and the fact that there is no host/hostess. Avoid Friday and Saturday nights, but it's a must try.

        1. In a word: HINATA! Definitely!!! You won't be disappointed. Yamaguchi in Port Washington isn't bad, but it isn't good either. A bit smelly (not a good sign in a sushi restaurant) and rather dirty, especially in the back. The lighting is awful (bright), the service is okay, although you won't think so at first...the waitresses seem as though they didn't hear you, then magically what you ordered arrives. Mrs.Yamaguchi is behind the bar and is the hostess. Very nice. They all say goodbye to you as you leave, and plenty of Asians can be seen inside (a good sign). But, all that said, it doesn't compare to Hinata. in fact, nothing I've tried lately in Nassau County compares to Hinata. Daruma in Great Neck is all reputation and is loud and filled with yentas and obnoxious pinky ring-wearing men who never shut up. Just my observation hahaha, but it ain't all that. Hinata will leave you spellbound! Try a Sake Martini (and take your time won't be able to drive if you eat'll be too drunk). The "Flight Roll" is amazing!!!!

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            So, OKAY, gang! Got a new one, and it's most deserving of praise. I'm a huge Hinata fan (#6 Bond Street in Great Neck). Just happened onto a new one in Glen Head (127 Glen Head Rd.) called Kiraku. In a word: FINTASTIC. The fish couldn't be fresher, there's absolutely no "maritime" smell as you enter the place either. It's new, and the quality is excellent (they had 4 sushi chefs on duty the night I went), so all we can do is hope that their popularity continues and that the quality doesn't decline due to lack of business, as is often the case. They have some inventive rolls, a la Hinata in Great Neck, but the real "bargain" (if there can be such a thing in a sushi restaurant) is the Sushi for two. The platter is $38, and there's nothing you wouldn't order if you were ordering a la carte!! No seafood salad fake crab and nothing chewy or fishy. It comes with two rolls (spicy tuna and a dragon roll, I believe), and two pieces of white tuna sushi. White tuna? My new absolute favorite. The rest of the platter is mostly maguro tuna and hamachi yellowtail. Also, the pad of rice below the fish is not a huge glob, as many places use, and the fish is sliced beautifully and rather slender (I didn't say "cheap"...I said slender). We ordered 6 pieces of a la carte unagi (the eel sushi placed in a toaster oven with sweet unagi sauce on top...yum), and the bill was still unremarkable. If you live in the Glen Cove/north Nassau area and you're a sushi nut, this place gives you reason to rejoice. No longer must you fight the lack of parking in the village of Huntington, Great Neck or Port Washington when you've got the jones for raw fish on balls of vinegared rice.

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              My wife and I really enjoyed it the last time we were there, glad to see that it still impresses.

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                Thanks Rick. I will be checking this place out and report back.

                I recently moved to Obay and as much as I love Kura Barn, it's gotten kind of pricey and I am always looking for an alternative in the area.

            2. Yamaguchi-- main street in port washington (across from the train station) THERE IS NO COMPETITION.