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Feb 16, 2007 09:14 AM

Favorite Leda's Cupcake flavor?

What's your favorite cupcake at Leda's?

Please, don't tell me your favorite ISN'T at Leda's. Not to disparage anyone's opinion, just that I'm not going to another cupcake place tomorrow, so telling me that Sprinkles or Auntie Em's is better is niether here nor there!

But, if you went to Leda's, what would you love most of all?

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  1. chocolate ("kid's version) and the lemon

    1. passion fruit! and the lemon also.

      1. Dulce de leche - there's a blob of caramel under the buttercream. Lemon is great, too.

        1. I tried Ledas a few months back and found the cupcake dry and over-hyped. Have had Sprinkles which are good but way too sweet!

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            Maybe you should try them again... I haven't had a bad experience yet :)

          2. i like the lemon, and the kids chocolate and vanilla options