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Feb 16, 2007 09:06 AM

Bakeries for birthday cake/cupcakes

I'm looking for recommendations for bakeries (other than Cakelove). I need to buy a birthday cake/cupcakes and would like bakeries located in DC or Arlington/Alexandria. Thanks!

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    1. Heidelberg Pastery Shop at Lee Highway/Culpeper street in Arlington. Superb cake. Many options for cake/filling/icing/decorations. You can even bring in a photo to be scanned and edible-icing-jetted/printed on your cake.

      1. Never tried this place before, but saw them on a PBS show which profiled local eats. Their stuff looked good. They are located in the Columbia Heights area.

        1. Reeves Bakery at 1306 G Street, NW, has been making great cakes for the city since 1886. gave them the award for "best everyday cupcake." We always buy the office birthday cakes from Reeves. Taste like homemade.

          1. Okay, true confessions time here. We bought cupcakes early this week at the Giant for our kids' Valentines party at school. So what we were to do with these things when the party got canceled Wednesday, then again and again Thursday and Friday?

            Tonight we were on them like ants at a picnic. Far more soul satisfying than anything we've ever gotten from Cakelove (and at a mere $3.99 for a six-pack).

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              Probably still better than Cakelove, but I find most of Giant's baked offerings to be way too sweet.