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Feb 16, 2007 08:59 AM

Santa Fe: Adios Senor Lucky

Senor Lucky is no more. Employees found out when they showed up for work yesterday (Thursday); landlord found out when a reporter from the local newspaper, the New Mexican, called for a comment.

Lots of "class" (imo) from the owners who also own/operate Geronimo. I was not a fan and said so here though the place had its fans.

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  1. Whoa. I'll miss that place. Great soup, nice atmosphere....

    1. I'll miss Senor Lucky's too! What a shame that owners couldn't notify employees in advance as opposed to just shutting the doors. Who knows what is going on with their other restaurant Geronimo, the best place in Santa Fe.

      1. I'm with you fyfas! The Palace, that place had character if not the best food. Senor Lucky's had neither - just Disneyfied theme grub. Ech. Good riddance, though sympathy for the staff....

        1. Good riddance. At least the Palace had character, if not the best food...Senor Lucky's had neither, just a nauseating theme-park feel.
          Sympaties to the staff though...