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prettyme Feb 16, 2007 08:58 AM

Well I'm a little hesitant to ask, but can anyone suggest someplace "special" but not too pricey in the Findlay/Toledo area? I'm a college student at BG and I pretty much know the basics of the restaurants in town. The BF is taking me out to dinner on Saturday and I want to go someplace nice and unique and classy. I know there are other boards about restaurants in the area, but I didn't know if anyone had found anything new. Much thanks!

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  1. nsxtasy Feb 16, 2007 10:07 AM

    Disclaimer: I'm not a local, but I'm a frequent visitor to the area and I like trying the dining options.

    I've been to Chez Francois in Vermilion. That is quite a hike from Bowling Green (it's on Lake Erie a bit east of Sandusky). Excellent French food in a classic atmosphere. Dressy (requires jacket and tie). It's really a splurge experience, and it's worth the drive, especially if you get there while it's still daylight out so you can look out on the lake before entering to dine. www.chezfrancois.com

    Mancy's is the big steakhouse in Toledo. Very conventional steakhouse atmosphere, good steaks and seafood. www.mancys.com Mancy's has a few other places too, shown on their website, but the only one I've been to is the original ("Mancy's Steaks").

    I've been to Diamond River in Findlay. It's not unusual but the food is good and the atmosphere is nice and relaxed. So if you'd rather drive south than north, it's a decent choice. It's not really close to I-75 though. I don't think they have their own website, but the Blade review is here: www.toledoblade.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2002104190100

    The restaurant guide of the Toledo Blade is located here and may help:
    I've gotten good ideas from there. There are two places I've been wanting to try, based on the reviews there. One is Diva, in downtown Toledo. I've looked at Diva's website (it has a great description of the atmosphere, along with the menu) and if it's half as good as it sounds, it's a winner. I'm looking forward to dining there in early April and will report back. www.divatoledo.com The other is Rose and Thistle in Perrysburg, which is a bit closer than going into downtown Toledo.

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      prettyme Feb 16, 2007 10:31 AM

      Thanks for the recs! I think Chez Francois will have to be saved for a later date and a different companion due to my boyfriend's lack of enthusiasm about driving more than 20 miles for food (I'm taking the baby steps approach to curing him of this disorder). I'm hesistant about Mancy's because I'm not much of a steakhouse girl, but I keep hearing how great it is. I've been wondering about Diamond River and I'm glad you gave it your blessing. I've been curious about Diva and Rose and Thistle, as well. If we end up at either, I'll expand on the experience. Thanks for helping me narrow down my search!

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        Christine Feb 20, 2007 08:25 AM

        I do not live in the area either, but my folks live in the area, and have to tell you that the Red Pig Inn is now where the Diamond River Grill was. Don't know anything about it, but if you like BBQ, it looks like it's worth checking out, judging from their website.

        1. re: Christine
          nsxtasy Feb 20, 2007 11:35 AM

          Thanks for the update.

          Has anyone here been to Red Pig Inn, and if so, can you tell us about it?

          1. re: nsxtasy
            prettyme Feb 20, 2007 12:25 PM

            No, but just to update...I didn't get to go to any of the places I wanted. The boyfriend didn't want to drive to Toledo and so I compromised and we ended up at Bistro Wasabi, which is an Asian Fusion place in Perrysburg. Although I've read several reviews saying how great it is, I felt that it was trying too hard to be edgy and over the top. To me, they over sauced and seasoned and mashed potatoed the food...but then again I got the Ahi Tuna and not the sushi. Maybe the sushit is better. I'll try it again...but hopefully not soon.

            And I'm still bitter that I didn't get to try anything fun in Toledo.

            1. re: nsxtasy
              nsxtasy Apr 9, 2008 02:30 PM

              I went to the Red Pig Inn in Findlay this past weekend. I had a slab of ribs which were rather fatty (ribs that are "slow cooked" shouldn't be fatty) and seemed to have the barbecue sauce poured on, rather than basted while cooking. I wasn't impressed and didn't finish them (and not because I was too full). NOT recommended.

        2. s
          sammy o Feb 16, 2007 11:19 AM

          how about Cohen & Cooke in BG?

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          1. re: sammy o
            prettyme Feb 16, 2007 06:22 PM

            I've never been to Cohen & Cooke but I'm trying to go some place outside of town...just for a change of scenery. But thanks!

          2. m
            mrnyc Feb 18, 2007 07:06 PM

            if you get snowed in, splitting a MYLES PIZZA is plenty romantic!

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            1. re: mrnyc
              heidikay Feb 19, 2007 05:31 AM

              I love Myle's Pizza. I haven't been there in many years but used to eat there on a regular basis when I was a kid. My step mom's sister and BIL own it. We'd go order pizza and be given quarters to play space invaders or pinball. Then we'd get tomato bread (yum) and pizza. My dad always ordered canadian bacon, onion and green olive. I'm sure they ordered other kinds too. But my dad's combo was always my favorite.

            2. d
              diane419 Mar 1, 2007 11:45 AM

              mmmhhh Toledo..
              I have lived here for 25 yrs...it's a mediocre type of town.
              Mancy's steakhouse is ok
              Try Ventura's or some great mex food and good margaritas
              Try Beirut for very reliable great tasting lebanese food
              Try Koto buki for good sushi, very good sushi
              I'm tryin' folks, I really am!

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              1. re: diane419
                nsxtasy Mar 1, 2007 12:56 PM

                With the exception of Mancy's, I wouldn't term any of those places "nice and unique and classy", as the OP requested for her "special" occasion. Not that there's anything wrong with them, just that they're not appropriate to the specific inquiry.

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