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Who will cook me a whole Pig?

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Hello All,

Does anyone know a resteraunt that will cook an entire pig for feating upon in NYC? i would imagine advance notice is required, and is no problem.

Has anyone done this that can share results?

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  1. Daisy Mae's has what you're looking for. I think there was an article in the NYTimes not too long ago.

    1. There have been some posts on the Daisy Mae's pig feast--do a search.
      If you order in advance, Momofuku Ssam bar will cook an entire pork shoulder (called the Bo Ssam).

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        I was thinking of something a little more up scale... Any ideas?

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            Tocqueville for sure. They did a suckling pig for a bunch of us about a year ago. We had a delicious meal and a wonderful time, including tableside presentation of the creature intact on a platter, an orange in its mouth.


        1. Spotted pig is doing a pig roast this sunday in honor for the chinese new year.

          1. i was at a dinner party at Peasant and the host had them do an entire pig. delicious.

            1. There's this Brazillian place I've been to, Plaforma Churrascaria or somethin like that. I know that they roast entire suckling pigs on a regular basis, it's possible you could talk to them about it.

              1. How about checking out the Chinese restaurants? Don't know the prices but they have both the roasted pig and the roasted baby pig which is actually more expensive.

                1. I believe most of the Brazilian restuarants in the mid 40s offer whole roasted pig.