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Feb 16, 2007 08:24 AM

Santa Barbara County Winery Restaurants

Do any of the wineries in SB County have restaurants that are worth visiting for lunch?

We're heading out there next weekend, and plan to spend some time visiting tasting rooms in the Los Olivos/Santa Ynez area. On a trip to New Zealand a few years ago, we ate some wonderful lunches at wineries in both Central Otago and Marlborough (some of the best meals on our trip). It's my first time to SB, and it looks like winery restaurants are not as common.

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  1. there is the hitching post in Buellton...not fancy.

    The Los Olivos Cafe and wine merchant..very nice

    American Flatbread in Los Alamos is good food.
    ~ American Flatbread Artisan Bakery & Restaurant Los Alamos
    Tel: 805-344-4400

    In Los Olivos, you also can find:
    ~ Brothers Restaurant at Mattei's Tavern Los Olivos...ritzy, expensive, good
    Tel: 805-688-4820...

    ~ Intermezzo Los Olivos Los Olivos ...Expensive, OK
    Tel: 805-688-7788

    ~ Panino-Los Olivos Los Olivos.. nice sandwiches..not so expensive
    Tel: 805-688-0608

    ~ Patrick's Side Street Cafe Los
    Tel: 805-686-4004

    ~ Wine Cask Los Olivos Los Olivos.. Like the one in Santa barbara..expensive, but nice.
    Tel: 805-688-7788

    In Ballard, there's the Ballard Inn
    ~Ballard Inn Restaurant Ballard
    Tel: 805-688-7770

    Frankly, I reccomend getting some cheese, meats and goodies at The Epicurian Picnic in Solvang, and having a lovely picnic at a winery with a good view or patio, such as Rusak. Very nice and romantic.

    1. The only restaurants that are associated with wineries in S.B. county would be the wine cask or the hitching post restaurant. these are raelly more restaurants with a side winery rather than the other way around. the hitching post is very good but I have never been a big fan of his wines, and after sideways, the price of the wine is bordering on the obscene. A better bet would be to pick up picnic supplies at los olivios market and eat al fresco at almost any of the wineries. some have quite nice picnic settings.