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Feb 16, 2007 08:22 AM

For you downtowners - review w/pics of Weiland's Brewery

Our offices have now been in downtown for almost a couple of months, but we're all still pretty green when it comes to lunch places (most of us bring lunch and only go out occasionally). Sure, we've done Langers (awesome) and Phillipe's and Sushi Gen, and we love them all, but sometimes you just want something quick and easy.

One of our regular places is the Weiland Brewery Restaurant - pretty good for a sandwich and salad. Good service, reasonable prices and they get you in and out pretty quickly.

Click to see pics...

Clare K.

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  1. Maybe you can also try the original Weiland in JTown and see if there's a difference. I haven't been to either. A friend of mine thinks the menu at the one you went to, under the old Arco towers, looked a little better.

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      Sometime I like the original Weiland (the only one I've been to) and other times they drive me up the wall.

      Like the burgers, beers, and garlic fries.\

      Don't like the spotty service which is, indeed, as another poster mention "hit and miss."

      I've received good service and some horrid service like the one time we went with 10 person party and proceeded to watch every other table in the place get their food before us. After about 45 minutes, we asked what was going on. The answer? The kitchen was too small so they had to cook the smaller parties food first before ours.

    2. I'm confused, it looks like the one Clare went to is the one in Little Tokyo, and the only location I know of.

      I really liked Weiland's Brewery the first time I went, but they seem to be hit and miss. Glad to hear that you and your co-workers like it though.

      This is off topic, but have you been to Sohoju in Little Tokyo Village? It's a relatively new Korean place. It's not authentic, it's probably to Korean like PF Chang's is to Chinese. But, I think the food is very good, their lunch specials are very reasonably priced, the service is great, the decor is nice and there's never a wait, even for a large group. I had lunch there for the third or fourth time yesterday and it's one of my favorite spots in Little Tokyo. I just hope they can stay in business.

      1. The one I went to is in the Arco Towers (in the basement) at 6th and Flower St. I wasn't aware of one in Little Tokyo.

        Thanks for the heads up on Sohoju - I saw it the other day and it looked pretty good. Will have to check it out...

        1. The original in Little Tokyo is on 1st btwn. Alameda & Central across from the Japanese American Museum.
          The second new location is on Flower in the "Pit" I believe.

          1. Oh okay, it makes sense now. Yeah you may not like the Little Tokyo location as much as the one you've been going to. heckonwheel's experience fits them to a tee, plus there are far too many other great Asian restaurants around here to bother with Weiland's (Sohoju, Izayoi, Takumi, Sushi Gen, Sushi Go 55, TOT, several Korean BBQ places...) But if you want to give it a shot, it's between the Cuban place and Senor Fish on 1st.