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Feb 16, 2007 08:15 AM

The Orchard, Public, Degustation or Tides

My somewhat-older sister is coming to town in a couple of weeks, and I'm wondering where I should take her. I've been to both Public and Degustation and know she'd love them, but I'm wondering if I should branch out and try one (or both) of the other two, which I've heard great things about. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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  1. I haven't been to Public (except for brunch) or Degustation. I really like Tides and The Orchard--both are definitely worth a try.

    1. Of those you list, I've only been to Tides, and I agree with Lucia that it is definitely worth trying. The food's delicious, and the menu always has a theme, the latest, introduced a couple of weeks ago, being Norwegian. The teensy space has attractive decor, including a very unusual ceiling. The owner, Steven, is one of the nicest guys around, always going out of his way to make sure diners have an excellent experience.

      1. Have been to Degustation, Public, Tides but not Orchard (although have been to Apizz, one of the sisters).

        Public, Tides and Apizz are good but Degustation is exceptional and would comfortably get my vote.

        1. degustation!
          apizz a touch disappointing
          orchard very solid
          public been meaning try for awhile

          1. Bothe Tides and The Orchard are solid choices. Tides is a small high-end seafood shack vs the Orchard which is definitely more on the trendy side. Both has pretty cool interiors actually aside from having good food so, it all depends if you want to go to a cozy place (Tides) or a more lively place (Orchard).