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Feb 16, 2007 08:09 AM

South Bay / Penninsula Cheap and Fantastic?


My fiancee and I are spending a romantic weekend in Santa Clara this presidents day. We wanted to do a little hiking outside of Saratoga and spend some time by the pool in the warm weather of the South Bay. We're staying at the Hilton at 4949 Great America Parkway...

At any rate, I was also hoping to eat some amazing inexpensive food as I know there's a ton of great Asian restaurants all over the area, I just don't know where they are. We're also planning to do a little wedding band / courthouse wedding outfit shopping... so really any region of the south bay will probably be great to hear about.

Thanks so much Chowhounds.


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  1. (Fairly) close to your hotel:

    Hong Sing Tea House has good dim sum (Lawrence Expressway near 101)
    Banana Leaf has very good Malaysian food (McCarthy Ranch shopping center)
    Darda for Islamic Chinese, the green onion pancakes are particularly good (Milpitas Square, on the other side of 237 from McCarthy Ranch )
    Fantasia Coffee & Tea for excellent bubble tea (also Milpitas Square)
    Kabab & Curry has good naan and kebabs (Santa Clara off El Camino on Isabella)
    Anh Hong for Vietnamese "beef seven ways" (Milpitas, Calaveras Blvd)

    For a splurge, Parcel 104 is, in my opinion, quite underrated. If you are sticking to a budget, I'd recommend stopping in just for dessert (the tapioca pudding is divine).

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      Hong Sing? Is this the location that is now Saigon Seafood?

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        You are right, it is now Hong Kong Saigon Seafood. After 10 years of the old name, I just can't remember the new one! sorry about that!

    2. You're a 5-10 minute drive down 101 to Castro Street in Mountain View which seems to be the cheap/ethnic restaurant HQ on the Peninsula. Just search this site for Mountain View or your various ethnic choices. Downtown Mt View has about 50 chinese, japanese, thai, korean, vietnamise, sushi, indian restaurants within a couple of blocks. Also, the consensus-best Indian food in the Bay Area is at Amber India in Mountain View, and Kabul in Sunnyvale gives you enormous portions of Afghani food at very reasonable prices.

      1. The place at the top of my short list the next time I'm down there is Zeni.

        Here's a topic on the same subject from last month:

        1. Thanks so much for these suggestions! I'm excited.