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Feb 16, 2007 08:01 AM

Vail for 16 Year Olds?

Husband & I are going to do Larkspur one night, but we have 2 16 year old girls (who THINK they're 21, but definitely are not allowed to drink on my watch...) Where would be a fun place for dinner for all of us with lots of other kids their age? Kaltenburg Castle? Any pizza or sushi places we could make reservations? It's Presidents Week...

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  1. I could probably think of more places you don't want them to go to; The Club, Taproom, Samanu (sp) and 8150 for instance. And the Castle is gone, another Vail Resorts "improvement". The Red Lion and Vendenta's for apres are fun with OK food. For "local" places with a younger crowd try Bagali's or Nazowa in West Vail. If you don't mind getting there at 6 pm, the Saloon in Minturn (Ginnturn) is fun for larger groups. The only thing I like besides the margaritas is the quail, quail, quail which pretty good.

    Left Bank and Pepi's are now asking for a credit card for a resv that they calculate at $50 a head if you don't show.

    Are you sticking close to Vail or thinking of down Valley also?

    Blue Ox

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      Close to Vail - we won't have a car. I love Pepi's, but don't think 2 semi-vegetarian (sushi & chicken only) girls would be too excited ;-) Can't wait for Leberkäse for lunch, though!

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        Campo di Fori usually has a younger crowd. And I heard some good things about Sapphire today. However, if you are driving up this weekend, I70 is closed today Vail to Floyd Hill. That means Saturday morning is going to be tough. Also, many of the lifts were also closed today, high winds. The snow is really good.

        Blue Ox

    2. The Gashouse is Edwards is nice but casual. It has a slightly kitschy vibe, but Pepi's on Bridge Street right in Vail Village is fun for a large group and has tasty Austrian food, which tastes particularly good after a day of skiing.

      1. With all due respect to these suggestions, parents might not want to send a couple of 16-year-olds off to Minturn or Edwards while they are dining at the base of Golden Peak. How about the Bully Ranch in Sonnenalp, right in Vail Village. It has a Western theme and good, casual but somewhat pricey food. Another choice would be Bart-n-Yeti's in Lionshead. Also Western -- and great deck if the weather is good.

        1. I read the post as looking for suggestions for the whole family to go, not the girls alone. That being said, Pepi's and the Gashouse are not the right choice for semi-vegetarians.

          1. P.S. Another choice might be Blu's near the Children's Fountain and very close to Pepi's. It's reasonably priced (for the heart of Vail Village) and has a decent selection of vegetarian entrees. Being family-friendly (but not a "family restaurant"), they'll probably be hospitable to a couple of teens on their own.

            Another option would be Mi Zuppa in West Vail, which I call Vail Across the Interstate. Free shuttle buses stop at/near the shopping center where it's located. They make several different soups plus wraps and paninis every day and evening. Always changes, and thee's always a veggie soup. Reasonably priced and good. They serve early dinner. Check for the soups of the day.