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Westchester Diners & Breakfast Spots

I have been living in Irvington for three years and I am so dissappointed with the lack of breakfast spots and coffee shops for that matter. I am desperately in search of a nice, affordable diner. Specifically, one's with good pancakes, omlettes, and waffles with fresh fruit. Good service is also important. I don't want to have to ask to get a refill on coffee. Does this place exist? The El Dorado is a rip off and I wasn't too impressed by the Dobbs Ferry diner.

Looking for suggestions.

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  1. Good question. I'm not impressed with any in the White Plains area. Livano's City Limits diner is regular food at high prices.

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      If you're into the real deal, greasy spoon, style diners, the STAR Diner, in White Plains is my favorite.
      It's on East Post Road and (maybe) MLK? It's across from the Hospital but, closer to Mamaroneck Ave by about a block.

      If real deal diners aren't your bag (a little "fancier," more "presentable"), Splendid on Mamaroneck Ave in White Plains is really good too!

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        I LOVE the Star Diner in White Plains. It's a hole in the wall, but the food is great, cost is right, very friendly service and they serve GRITS! YUM.

    2. A few months ago I posted a similar query seeking cozy, quaint breakfast places in Westchester. The response was disappointing - we are sadly lacking in this area (as well as others). I've been living in Mamaroneck for about a year and a half now and I love the area and Westchester but certain categories of food and restaurants are just lacking here and breakfast places are one of them. Here's the link to my post.


      1. I see it was mentioned on the other post, but I'll second the Wobble Cafe recommendation in Ossining - we go there frequently for breakfast and it's always good. And the coffee's good (even the decaf) which is a huge thing for me. They have a little play area in the back for the kids, and up front you can get away from the kiddos a bit more - eclectic, casual, cute and tasty - works for me! www.wobblecafe.com (It's a cafe though, not a diner as originally mentioned. For diners, the Mt. Kisco Diner is pretty good for breakfast, but I don't like their coffee, and sometimes the food is a bit inconsistent - it is better in my experience than the El Dorado though.)

        1. bella's in tarrytown has good coffee, and krispy cream doughnuts. service and atmosphere is old time diner! can't comment on food- i eat breakfast at home.worth a try- very inexpensive.

          1. This seems like one of the last frontiers to be conquered in lower Westchester. I even tried Atlanta Bread at the City Center in WP thinking it would have some good breakfast. The egg McRubber was so awful I was cured. DH and I also tried a decent diner, The Fountain on Central Avenue in Hartsdale, for eggs etc. The eggs were okay, the potatoes good and crispy but the waitress was much more interested in Regis and Kelly on the dining room T.V. than she was in her tables.

            1. The Beehive in Armonk has a good breakfast as does B4 in Valhala! Skip City lImits - over priced and undergood!

              1. I have to chime in to defend City Limits as a great breakfast (and lunch... and dinner... and dessert... and late night snack) spot! The quality of their food is far superior to a regular diner, and the prices are fair given the quality.

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                  I feel like City Limits is a restaurant under the guise of a diner, though. For some reason, I can't get into it because they want me to feel like it's a diner but it's too high quality and too expensive to be a true diner to me. I guess all it is is my reverse food snobbery at work.

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                    I gotta a gree - they added diner to their name and they are anything but - they are a restaurant that specializes in upscae diner faves plus other must haves. I think the place is mostly hype.

                2. High quality? Oh, I wouldn't say that. Did you ever eat at Livanos the restaurant? The Livanos folks are just very clever, not very skilled.

                  1. I like the Horseman in Sleepy Hollow, not too far from Irvington. Better than average breakfast dishes, including eggs Benedict, which I normally would not try ordering at a diner. Friendly family-owned business, not depressing like a lot of diners.

                    1. At the suggestion of someone on the boards we just tried On the Way Cafe in Rye, near Playland. It's a small very casual, homey cafe with very good food. When I asked for onions in my egg white omelet w/spinach and sun dried tomatoes I was asked if I wanted them in raw, sauteed or carmelized, a pleasant surprise. I ordered carmelized and my omelet was very good. My daughter's blueberry pancakes were homemade, fluffy and featured plump, fresh blueberries. My husband, who doesn't generally care for home fries love these. They were nice chunks of red potatoes with red and green peppers and onions and lots of paprika. Sufficiently soft and properly greasy - not too much but not dry either.

                      The jams were the kind in the packets and I would have liked to see better than that but you can't have everything. Service was friendly.

                      We've been looking for a local place like this and with Stanz in Larchmont being closed on Sundays - and today as it's a holiday weekend and basically every other Saturday near a holiday - even winter recess, it's nice to have On the Way around here.

                      1. I suggest heading across the river to Nyack. Try the Strawberry Place on Broadway. You will have to wait but it will be worth it.

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                          what's the Strawberry Place like chow? We're heading that way a few times this summer and it would be good to have a place to stop.

                        2. Really good diner on central ave is the Fountain Diner (across from the IHOP) I believe that is considered Hartsdale...coffee and eggs are really good...I dont really like any of the diners in White Plains (where I live) Splendid Cafe is not bad

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                            For what it is I thought the Splendid Coffee Shop was good. The chicken orzo soup was made fresh and the turkey wrap had real turkey, not that deli sliced stuff. I was glad we stumbled upon it because when you are with two kids and other non adventurous types you sorta hate to have to waste your money (and day's calorie allowance) on "normal/mediocre/Americanized" food. For diner fare, I didn't feel like I was gypped. I've eaten at City Limits and I liked the food at Splendid better.

                          2. My family and I live in Tarrytown and we have gone to almost all the Diners listed in this chain. We would recommend Landmark Diner. The coffee is delicious and the servers are always attentive. It's a "true" diner w/clean utensils and great services resaonably priced food too. Let me know what you think. www.lmdny.com

                            1. i hear ruby's oyster bar in rye recently added breakfast...if it's as good as their other menu, it should be worth trying...