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Feb 16, 2007 07:31 AM

Ana Mandara - Any recommendations?

Joining another couple here. What do you like here? Thanks.

(no current reviews per search feature).

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  1. The drinks are okay. I really didn't like anything else.

    1. I went a couple years ago and really enjoyed the Basa with Pea Sprouts.

      1. my only recommendation is to not go. The food there is really heavy handed and they COMPLETELY overcooked the seabass. It was more like a chunk of goodyear than a $25 fish fillet.
        my yelp review:

        1. it's been a few years but if duck is still on the menu, that's what we would always get.

          1. Yes, you all were right. Dreadful food, nice atmosphere, uncaring service.
            And, they were full...

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              1. re: DezzerSF

                We ate lightly, A slow cooked duck breast - done rare, a poussin and two orders of scallops.

                The scallops werre flavorless, four larger to the order, the poussin had a 5-spice crust and was served with a weird white corn rissotto that was gummy and chewy. We shared a ginger creme brulee was went euneatwen after each of us took a single bite.