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Feb 16, 2007 07:19 AM

Best Cubano in Brooklyn?

Anyone have a favorite place to get a great traditional Cuban sandwich in Brooklyn? I have a wicked craving. Thanks.

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  1. Sadly - the best I've had was at Press 195 in Park Slope. The Dominican places on Smith do an OK job, but it's not great. The "Castillo de Jagua" place on Flatbush (Is it El Gran or El Rey?) in Prospect Heights has always had really dry pork - if it was moist it would be much better. The best in the city, IMHO, is at El Sitio in Jackson Heights. They nail it, but get early because they're mostly pre-made. Good bread and a nice garlic tang.

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      YES. forget about getting a moist, juicy cubano at Castillo de Jagua - such a shame it smells so good and you get sucked in for a dry hunk of meat on dry bread. Isnt there ANY place else anymore?

    2. I was taken to a spot in the East Village a few years ago around 1st Ave/Ave. A and 3rd-4th street (or somewhere close). It was literally a shack tacked onto a building (on the street side of the corner not the avenue side). It was only open in the mornings/afternoon. Strictly takeout. Called the "Lunch box/spot" or something to that effect. Obviously a pretty crappy recollection of where it is and what it is called, but they had a hell of a cubano and it was under 4 bucks. Anyone else know this place and can give a better description?

      1. El Cibao on Smith Street near Wyckoff used to make a really good one. It's been quite a while since I lived nearby, though, so I can't say if they're still up to par. Certainly worth checking out.

        1. Unfortunately Cibao is history. A victim of Smith Street's popularity. Now that I think of it Nuevo Portal across the street had an OK Cubano. What was REALLY great was their chuleta sandwich.

          1. El cibao is still there and i get Cubans from there all the time.. they are pretty darn good.. i get extra pickles.