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Feb 16, 2007 06:59 AM

Western 'burbs - need warm cozy place for drinks

Any suggestions for warm, cozy place for drinks and appetizers? Thinking of some place with warm fireplace...warm drinks. Near Bloomingdale, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn.

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  1. I'm drawing a blank here, but I'm pretty sure Firkin & Fox on Main Street in Glen Ellyn has a fireplace. Don't know about the warm drinks. Across the street is Shannon's, which is a warm space but no fireplace - it's like an Irish pub. Another Irish pub-type place would be Muldoon's in downtown Wheaton on Front Street. They have good appetizers, too. These type of places always seem kind of cozy to me. Casey's on North Ave at Grace Street in Lombard has a nice bar and phenomenal fried calamari. I hate when this happens - you want to think of a place to go, and blank goes the mind.

    1. The only places that come to mind with a fireplace are Alfie's Inn on Roosevelt Road (the fireplace is in the restaurant area), Shannon's (they have an enclosed outdoor patio with a fireplace that is open during the winter, although may not be in this frigid cold!), and Country House in Lisle. I've been to Firkin' & Fox a few times and don't recall a fireplace, however the 2 window tables in the bar are quite cozy. Personally, I have found the food there to be inferior to the other restaurants in downtown Glen Ellyn. Cab's & Vitorio's both have a nice bar area and excellent drink selection, but no fireplace. Hope this helps!

      1. Agreed about the food generally at Firkin but the appetizers are OK. I could swear there is a fireplace, but it's been awhile. I would also agree about Cab's and Vittorio's being cozy for the bar, but my guess is appetizers at Cab's would be kind of pricey and I don't know if Vittorios really has that much of an appetizer menu, do they? But their food IS really good. That said, Cab's also offers wine flights and is a really nice space. On Pennsylvania Avenue, there is a bar called Curly's which is not as cozy but has a lot of appetizers, is very casual and used to has live music on the weekends but it can get loud depending on what kind of music is playing.

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          How could I forget Curly's!!! We've spent countless nights there having a grand time! Surprisingly enough, the food @ Curly's is quite good for bar food. Yes, they still have bands on the weekends... good thing to call first because there are some open nights. The bands are usually quite entertaining.... still waiting for Amy Kelly to make a comeback!!

        2. Carlucci in nearby near intersection of Butterfield Rd and I-355. My recoollection is that they have a fireplace in or very near the bar and offer attractive food and drink specials up to 7 PM

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            Fridays are penny wine day... can't go wrong with a 6 cent bar bill for 2 people!!