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Feb 16, 2007 06:57 AM

Pambazo - Tacomiendo and elsewhere

Went to Tacomiendo last night and didn't want to get my usual things. I have always been curious about the pambazo - a sandwich with mashed potatoes on it? Sounds like something I would have dreamed up when I was 9. So, I ordered a pambazo pescado.

And, it was a very good sandwich, pressed/grilled-style, with grillefd fish (the same fish used for their fish tacos), the above mentioned mashed potatoes, crema, cheese, some lettuce... it needed some moisture, but the salsa bar provided plenty of options for that. Overall, a decent curiosity...

I was curious what region this concoction was from, so I looked up pambazo this morning and Wikipedia - while not answering my regional origin question - did tell me that my pambazo was supposed to be, "made from special bread dipped in a red guajillo pepper sauce" and that the special bread was supposed to be without a crispy crust. Hmmm... the Tacomiendo version was on a bread with that was made crispy by grilling, so maybe that was the correct bread - but red guajillo pepper sauce? Nowhere in evidence.

So, where should I go to try out the 'true' pambazo? Westside would be best, but anywhere in LA county would be of interest.

And if anyone could tell me from where this sandwich hails, I'd be most grateful.

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  1. El Huarache Azteca, 5225 York, was serving them from a mobile stand a few months ago, pretty tasty. I don't recall seeing them on the menu at the permanent location, but they may have them there. I had one in Morelia, Michoacan last year, don't know if that's the ancestral home.

    1. Hold up. We just returned from a trip to the beautiful city of Zacatecas and "discovered Tacomiendo there. YOu mean they have Tacomiendo in the U.S?????????We were recently thinking back and wondering when we would go back because it was a pretty darn good taco place.

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        Here is the Web page for the 2 LA-area Tacomiendos:


        I have no knowledge of whether the LA ones are related to any places in Mexico.

      2. i've never had it with fish. i think the more traditional pambazo is with potatoes and chorizo drippings. that's what you'll find in most places that sell it. i get mine in the oc at el montezuma in orange.
        i always thought it was street food from puebla or mexico city. can't confirm it though. I also know that in vercruz a pambazo is a different kind of sandwich with beans etc. i imagine it varies from state to state in mexico.

        1. I would see this potato sandwich to be perfected with chorizo - no dripping please - exponentially increases the heartburn factor for me. I'm definitely asking for this combo the next time I'm there...