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Breakfast in Vegas

I'm staying at Caesars still debating a car rental any suggestions for breakfast on the strip? Thanks

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  1. I've heard great things about the Paris buffet for breakfast/brunch. I went for dinner, and it was just okay, but there have been raves about the breakfast. It's close enough that you can probably walk there or get a cab.

    1. Bouchon in the Venetian. Doesn't get any better.

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        sivyaleah speaks the truth! Bouchon is a great choice. If you just want coffee and pastry, try Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie at Bellagio, or Lenôtre at Paris (of course, Bouchon has good pastries as well).

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          For me, the best scrambled eggs anywhere. They have some magic touch with them - don't know what it is, and they wouldn't say when I asked. Wish I could replicate it at home. We wind up going there for breakfast nearly every morning when there.

          BTW - Pinot Brasserie in the Venetian does a very nice breakfast too. Very good decadent french toast.

      2. Bouchon. It is excellent. I'd save Jean-Philippe for an afternoon break of coffee & cake...

        1. I enjoyed having a crepe for breakfast at Paris. There is a crepe stand just a bit outside where the buffet entrance is. Nice for an inexpensive breakfast.


          1. If you bring your appetite...don't miss breakfast @ the Peppermill. Near the Riviera Hotel...it's kitschy but an institution!
            All the portionas a re Larger Than Life...kinda like Vegas!

            1. The Verandah at the Four Seasons has a great breakfast (we ordered off the menu although there was also a buffet), Incredible Huevos Rancheros. Also, a very peaceful atmosphere.

              1. since you have a rental car - hash house a go-go, try one of the bendicts - either the sage fried chicken or the oundedpork...but bring your appetite !!!

                1. My fave breakfast hang is Florida Cafe in the HoJo on N Las Vegas Blvd. Excellent Cuban cuisine, bueno cafe con leche, lovely waitresses in a lovely oasis considering the seedy location.

                  1. I agree with the Bouchon recommendations. My favorite, narrowly edging Bouchon, is Tableau, tucked in a corner of the Wynn. Great duck hash and eggs, heavenly light ricotta pancakes, great short ribs and eggs too. Service is outstanding, their special blend of coffee is eyeopening without bitterness. On a pleasant day, outdoor seating overlooking pool and courtyard is particularly nice and relaxing.

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                      Thanks for that rec. Next time we're in town I'll keep that one in mind, especially since I think we may try staying at Wynn for a change. Duck hash sounds like quite the way to start the day :-)

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                        is it true that you can only dine at tableau if you are staying at the wynn?

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                          No - my dad lives in Vegas and eats there all the time (and has never stayed at the Wynn).

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                            On paper, yes it is true. There are several ways to get around it. If you just act like you know what you are doing and walk confidently passed the guards they RARELY stop you. However if, on the off chance, you are stopped, all you need to say is that you are meeting a guest there for whichever meal you are going for. And if you go for lunch, be sure to get the crab bisque...OMG heavenly!
                            And as far as the breakfast suggestions, I have tried many of the breakfast suggestions on this board. Without question I will say that the Verandah at the Four Seasons has THE BEST breakfast, hands down. The Huevos Rancheros are mind-numbingly good and can cure ANY hangover. I did like, and I stress LIKE, Bouchon but I think it has wayyyyyy too much hype. If Thomas Keller didn't throw his name behind it the hoards of people professing it as best ever would evaporate. Do not get me wrong, it is good, and some of the dishes are outstanding (like the quiches. They are best I have ever had, no comparison).