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Feb 16, 2007 06:49 AM

Does anything come close to McHale's?

Spent an unforgettable evening there a year and a half ago at the recommendation of Manhattan Hounds (also had two fabulous haute cuisine, expensive meals in the city, but McHale's was the highlight of the trip). Just booked a trip to the city in March and immediately looked up McHale's hoping to find that the demolition had been postponed. Sadly not.

Staying near Times Square. Is there anything in the vicinity (or not) that has that old authentic neighborhood bar atmosphere? Somewhere where two ex-Pittsburghers can feel at home, leaving our cash on the bar to be debited, and while away an entire evening without even realizing it. I'll start there, because I imagine that paired with McHale quality burgers is probably an impossibility. But one can hope.


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  1. The burger at Molly's is the equal of McHale's. The bar itself is smaller but it's not a bad place to spend the night.

    1. KT, is that Molly's Pub & Shebeen on Third Ave.?

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      1. re: Meg

        That is the Molly's. Great place, great burgers good pint of guiness. The actual bar is kind of small, maybe 10-15 seats but they have plenty of tables too. And a fireplace if it is cold out.

        1. re: Meg

          Yes, Molly's Pub and Shebeen on 3rd and 22nd. Go, you'll love it.

        2. Strong secong for Mollys. It is also referred to as Mollys Shabeen. It is on 3rd and 22nd. I like the burger at Mollys more than the one at McHales. It is a little whole in the wall place that you could easily walk past but it is a great place to hangout, grab a burger and some great Irish beer. Enjoy!

          1. Molly's for sure.

            And even though I'm not a big fan of their burger (it is good, just not great), PJ Clarke's does have a nice old timey NYC saloon vibe.

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            1. re: livetotravel

              With two nights in town, I'm happy to have two bar rec's. How's the food at PJ Clarke's? Or is it a drink only type place?

              1. re: Meg

                The menu at PJ Clarke's is more extensive than at Molly's but it's good. I use to go when I worked in the neighborhood but have not been since the renovations. Much bigger and more crowded than Molly's.

            2. The Great thing about McHale's was that it always had a nice crowd but never seemed like it was mobbed. PJ Clarke's is mobbed all the time. Try Peter McManus Cafe (152 Seventh Ave.
              at 19th St.).

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              1. re: psawce

                I work near McManus and have tried the burger several times. Cannot hold a candle to Molly's. A very underrated bar burger in the neighborhood is Woody McHales on 14th. Close to 8th than 7th. South side of the street.